Published On: May 5, 2023
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Quality of Life Patch 7.10! Raid Shadow Legends


It’s time for Raid Shadow Legends Patch 7.10!

Plarium has released information regarding the upcoming Quality of Life changes, which will go live in the next patch, these are features that had been teased a while back in the latest ‘What’s Next in Raid‘ video.

You can read more about that video in our article covering it here.

Let’s check out the information we’ve been given about the upcoming changes.

New Champion Teaser

Alongside the new Quality of Life information, Plarium appear to have teased the introduction of several new Champions on their social media pages, I’m sure we will learn more about this in the coming days ahead of the patch!

Gear Selling Filter

We have added a special Gear Selling filter to all Campaign locations and Gear Dungeons, designed to be used when Multi-Battling. It lets you filter out the Gear you want to keep and automatically sells the rest.

Please, note: you need to choose at least one option in each filter set (Rank, Rarity, Set/Faction, Artifact/Accessory Type, Primary Stats, Substats), otherwise all Gear will be sold. But don’t worry, there also will be an in-game warning if one or several filters are left unchecked.

If you choose several options within a filter set, all the Gear that matches at least one of those options will be kept. For example, if you chose 5 Substats to filter by, all the Gear that has at least one of your chosen Substats will be kept.

You can quickly enable or disable the Gear Selling Filter by using the special ON/OFF toggle in the Multi-Battle Settings window. If the toggle is set to OFF, all Gear will be kept.

Image showing the new auto-sell settings available after the update.

Improved Multi-Battle Settings

From now on, the game will save your Multi-Battle Settings separately, depending on the location you used it in, so you can spend less time setting up your Multi-Battle rounds. Here is the list of the locations:

  • Campaign (common settings for all locations)
  • Potion Keeps (common settings for the Spirit Keep, Arcane Keep, Magic Keep, Void Keep, and Force Keep)
  • Minotaur’s Labyrinth
  • Ice Golem’s Peak (settings are shared across Normal and Hard difficulty)
  • Spider’s Den (settings are shared across Normal and Hard difficulty)
  • Dragon’s Lair (settings are shared across Normal and Hard difficulty)
  • Fire Knight’s Castle (settings are shared across Normal and Hard difficulty)
  • Iron Twins Fortress
  • Sand Devil’s Necropolis
  • Doom Tower
  • Faction Wars

Stats Priority Settings

In the next update, going through your gear and selecting the best-fitting pieces will become much easier with the newly-implemented system of Stats Prioritization. You will be able to not only filter artifacts with necessary substats but also assign the priority for each of them.

There are 4 priority levels for stats:

  • None
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

As a result – the system will automatically calculate the value of each gear and present them to you in descending order.

If you’re looking for Gear with a very specific stat and aren’t worried about what Artifact Set it comes from, use the “Hide Set Filters” checkbox. When this filter is paired with the Priority Stats Filter, you’ll see the Gear with the highest stats, regardless of the Artifact Set it’s part of.


What do you think of Raid Shadow Legends Patch 7.10? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

Great QoL! I’m primarily a mobile player, as I don’t have the time to use the computer for Raid, and these seem like some solid changes!

1 year ago

Another upgrade that makes the game ever more complicated and so requires even more time to simply play.I don’t understand why Plarium cannot just look back at the beginning of the game and make some improvements. How about updating the Market which is, frankly, a waste of space. There is nothing other than mystery shards (and the very odd ancient) worth buying for anyone who has played the game for a while. Make it more interesting – please. How about improving the amount of time it takes to upgrade levels and ranks in the tavern? Those must be fairly simple but what do I know. Well I know that they do not make Plarium any more money.

1 year ago

Vitorio, you complain about more time waste?
It helps you to automatically sell your loot waste, which is the opposite of time wasting?