Patch 7.60
Published On: October 9, 2023
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RAID: Shadow Legends – Patch 7.60 Preview


Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the Patch 7.60 Highlights, where we’ll tell you what treats we have prepared this Spooktober. Don’t expect any groundbreaking features just yet, but we do have some very fun things to show off! First of all, Clans will receive their own customizable heraldry with the new Clan Insignia; furthermore, Clan Rank will be visible to all thanks to Stars that can be earned via various Clan activities. On top of that, we have QoL improvements, new Champions, and a series of spooky Events to celebrate Halloween.

Read on to learn more!

Patch 7.60

Clan Insignias:

Come Update 7.60, Clans will receive access to their own sigil – the Clan Insignia. Although only the Clan Leader will be able to approve and change it, we’re making the basic creator available to everyone who is part of a Clan. To access it you only need to navigate to your Clan menu and find the Clan Insignia creator button that’s nestled conveniently beneath your Clan’s Insignia.

Once there, you can create a Clan Insignia draft with the following elements:

  • Shape. You can choose one of several shapes;
  • Pattern. You can choose one of several options, then choose your preferred colours;
  • Symbols. You can choose between 0 and 6 symbols, adjust their colour, flip them vertically or horizontally, and move them around the field (they can even overlap)

We’ll release a preview video with more detailed instructions at a later date, so you can see the Clan Insignia creator in action before it goes live!

Now, once your Clan Insignia is approved, it will be displayed next to every Clan member’s username like a banner proudly flown on Doom Tower and Tournament Leaderboards, in various Arena tabs, and on the Hydra Clash board.

Patch 7.60 insignia

Clan League:

In addition to getting their fancy coat of arms, Clans will get to show off their achievements with Clan League. Competing and doing well in various Clan tasks (CvC Tournaments and Hydra Clash at the time Update 7.60 goes live) will earn Clan Points, which then will be converted into Stars that appear above the Clan’s Insignia.

Each Clan begins starless but, after the Update goes live, can earn up to 5 Stars that come in 3 Leagues: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The first Stars are always Bronze, then progress up the Leagues as your Clan earns more Rank Points. These Stars will be visible above the Clan Insignia in pretty much every tab and menu where the Clan Insignia itself is present.

We’ll also add a Clan League tab to the Clan Menu, and everyone will be able to use it to see their Clan’s current progress.

Patch 7.60 league

Halloween Events:

This year, we’re celebrating Halloween early and with quite a few different in-game Events. You can look forward to a special Promo Code that’ll provide some treats, various activities, including a Halloween-themed Fusion, and some other things in-between. So get your spooky costume, stock up on candy, and prepare for a very eventful October!

Patch 7.60 events

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • The Events tab will be improved to include more information about various Raid activities and provide better visuals;
  • Clan Quests focused on various Dungeons will now include Hard Mode Stages of those Dungeons as well;
  • Tavern UI will be updated with a new button that allows to toggle the warning pop-up for Fusion-required Champions on or off at will
Patch 7.60 QoL

New Champions:

There are a whole host of new Champions coming to the game in Patch 7.60 – Some of which are Halloween focussed, whilst others are not – we have only seen the skill-kit of one of the incoming Champions, which is in the image below – Mythical Champion, Lady Mikage!

What do you think of the Patch 7.60 Highlights? Let us know in the comments!

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Stephen Skinner
Stephen Skinner
7 months ago

Clicking on messages about completed Quests or Forge Pass no longer works since upgrade.