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Published On: August 15, 2023

Sand Devil gets Super Raids


For the first time, we have Super Raids in the Sand Devil Necropolis. This is big news for anyone that wants to speed up their time in the Sand Devil and farm the oils to ascend your Artifacts. Having Super Raids allows you do to the same raid for double the energy nd you get double the reward but if you fail the run then you lose the double energy that you put in.

Plariums announcement:

“Hey everyone!

On Wednesday, August 16th, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Sand Devil’s Necropolis for the first time.

The event will be active for 72 hours.”

So if you plan to farm Sand Devil in less time then this is one of the better times to jump in and smash through it and raise that oil stock! There are 3 places to get the most effective farm!

  • Stage 7 – This is the most effective Lesser Oil Farming
  • Stage 24 – This is the most effective Greater Oil Farming
  • Stage 25 – This is the most effective Superior Oil Farming

Best Strategies for Beating Al-Naemeh, The Sand Devil

  • Revive on Death
  • Stoneskin Trickery
  • GodNinja

The Revive on Death Strat, we utilise Revive on Death to avoid dying to Feasting Swarm. We designate a single space for Sleep and bring strong healing and debuffs. If you lack debuffs you can consider toxic sets to improve debuff placement per team.

The StoneSkin Trickery team is built with all champions on 1 turn Stoneskin and going after the boss takes a turn or with 2 turn debuff and going before the boss takes a turn. You will use the Stoneskin protection to reduce the initial Feasting Swarm by 85%. Then you have approximately 8 turns of the enemy boss to kill him before you lose the fight! (Each sleep you place increases the cooldown of Feasting Swarm by 1). Riho and Liburga allow you maximise the Debuff bar in 2 attacks allowing full damage max hp from Armiger. You will run no Accuracy on Armiger to avoid dropping turn meter and Morrigaine will run with A3 disabled. We utilise Morrigaine’s unremovable Heal Reduction to stop Al-Namaeh from Healing.

The Godninja team revolves around Godseeker’s unique abilities. Her Passive will place a revive on death prior to an ally dying. This is selected via Team order if multiple allies die so you place Godseeker as the leader. She revives herself when the boss uses his Feasting Swarm and then her A3 revives your DPS Champion (i.e. Ninja) and resets their skills allowing you to use the desirable skills on revive. A careful balance of HP/DEF is required to keep both champions alive during the Feasting Swarm Windows and you will need both in Regeneration Artifacts and ideally Defiant or Immortal secondary sets (strong non-set pieces are viable if the stats are achieved). This duo allows you to farm stage 24/25 (changing to a different DPS) Full auto reasonably fast.

Each of these teams are amazing for tackling the Sand Devil and a more in-depth guide of all 3 teams will be listed below:

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3 months ago

Pretty sure that since the drop rate changes 25 is now most efficient for small potions!