Siege Battle Tactics
Published On: July 10, 2024
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Siege Battle Tactics

The next Siege video is here and it shows us the Battle Tactics that we can use! Siege is the newest feature coming to Raid: Shadow Legends and we’ve had the sneak peak but now we get some more details on the Battle Tactics and how Siege will work in clans!

Every Siege will be broken down into 3 different stages, like CvC where you have a prep stage to get your resources together. In Siege, the 3 different stages are:

  • Prep
  • Matchmaking
  • Battle

Prep – 12 Days

The Prep stage last 12 days after the previous siege allowing you time to gather your Champions and come back stronger. In the Prep stage, you can repair buildings using Florins which is a new currency in Raid. Repairing the Towers gives you access to all of its features. You also can donate Florins to the towers to upgrade them, this gives you more defence slots to withhold more opposition!

You can activate any bonuses or conditions you want to use in the Prep stage of the Siege battle.

Use this time to view any battle reports and strategies that may work better than before. It would help if you were planning who to move to get a better stronghold and become unstoppable. You will also be able to collect any unclaimed rewards which will help towards building a stronger siege!

You will not be able to scout anyone else’s siege tactics so you should be trying to make yours by yourself!

If you haven’t set at least 15 Defences you won’t be put into Matchmaking so make sure you are a part of an active guild or you won’t be able to join the new feature.

Matchmaking – 1 Hour

The Matchmaking phase will match your clan with a clan at a similar level, this is based on your CvC Performance and your clan’s League Position. But the main point that will judge your matchmaking is your Victory Points, therefore, the more Victory Points your Clan earns the harder the next Siege will be.

New Clans won’t be thrown into the matchmaking without being properly prepared.

Battle – 2 Days

The BATTLE Phase… This is the fun part of the new feature where your Clan will test its strength to try and overcome all the other clans to claim the top spot! The Battle Phase will last for 2 days so prepare for the long war as some strategies may be put into place by other clans, you should be prepared for anything to happen!

You will not be able to repair anything once the battle phase has started so make sure all that is done in the Prep Stage.

You should scout the map before going head-first into battle.

There are more new currencies called Scrolls and yes these differ from Mastery Scrolls. You have:

  • Attack – 4 Tickets
  • Defence – 2 Tickets
  • Rematch – 4 Tickets

Each Clan gets enough Defence scrolls to fill all defence spots so make sure they are all filled.

Attack Scrolls differ between Sieges and are based on eligible participants in your clan.

Rematch Scrolls are used if you fail an attack and want to get revenge! You can mix up your team if you think you need that secret weapon. This means you can use your Rematch Scrolls as a way to scout your opponent and better your team after facing them.

Siege Tactics

Any Champions on guard duty can still be used for offense so don’t hold back on setting your defences.

You can use Mana Orbs to buy certain conditions to make it more difficult for enemies to attack you. But you must use this to your advantage as you will also have to obey the terms that you have set. For example, you could be faction-locked and only get to use champions from the Dark Elves, so if you know you have one of the best rosters for Dark Elves you should volunteer to take that spot and hold the strongest defence possible!

This game mode will take a lot of talking to your clan to make it work, so make sure you have joined a clan that you trust and a clan that has good communication skills.

Clan Leaders and Deputy Leaders may activate Clan bonuses so again make sure you join an active Clan so your bonuses are available.

You’ll need to work a path into your opposition Stronghold, again use communication within your Clan as getting your strongest member to take out the first post may be a big mistake once you get to the towers.

The Stronghold will contain multiple groups so you’ll have to defeat each team in each group to take it. You will use an Attack scroll if you claim an empty slot but it means you’ll be victorious!

Destroying a building will disable any bonuses so plan your route carefully and take out the stronghold with the bonuses!

Mana Shrines allow you to rematch defeated teams exactly once and they do not cost an attack scroll but they do grant Mana Orbs for successful victories.

Champions in your roster can only be used twice per siege so you’ll need to plan your teams very carefully!

To win the Siege you’ll need to Capture the opposition Stronghold and earn the most Victory medals.


The rewards are the main reason you are here trying to take down the Sieges so what are they?

Florins and Mana Orbs are rewarded and used to make your next Siege stronger or to make the conditions harder for the next opposition that wants to try and challenge your might! You have to win a battle to win the rewards, like in personal CvC rewards so make sure you are Victorious and pick on the little guy to get your rewards!

Your clan will also win a trophy that will be displayed next to your CvC trophies so start to get more and get recognised!

Siege Victory Chest

In the chest contains the New Gear Set, Clan EXP, Primal Quartz, An avatar and Authoratrix Lamasu Fragments.

What do you think of the new Siege Battles? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 day ago

What auras work in this game mode? Is it only all battle?

1 day ago
Reply to  Behr

Only All battles!

1 day ago
Reply to  Saphyrra

Pretty mind boggling they would make a PVP event this big and not allow PvP auras to work. I keep thinking this is a joke. Is this tested?

20 hours ago

“To win the Siege you’ll need to either Capture the opposition Stronghold or Earn more Medals.”
I think Plarium said in the video, that you had to do BOTH to win :/

5 minutes ago
Reply to  Toas

Yes! This is a slight misunderstanding and we’ve updated it!

19 hours ago

Im not at all sure but it seems like battles are like classic area, attacker controls his team and AI controls the defense. If so maybe arena auras will work. I guess time will tell.

4 minutes ago
Reply to  Behr

Only All Battles work Here!