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Published On: January 1, 2022
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Skeleton Hand: Incarnate – NFT Game

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Incarnate is a new game that is in the early stages of development by SkeletonHand, a team that has many years of gaming under their belt who decided they wanted to make their own game and decided that NFTs should be the forefront of their game. Incarnate includes NFTs that you’ll be able to trade and sell to other online players! The game itself is still in early access but is soon to be progressing into Beta and live testing. The game will have you build the Incarnates from Mind, Body and Soul fragments that you’ll pick up from playing the game or you can pull them from Echoes, this is similar to opening a shard from Raid: Shadow Legends.

At the time of this post, Incarnate has released two of their bosses, those in the alpha got the opportunity to fight one and they are epic!! The game is a “Play to Earn” model and the idea is very simple; the more you play and progress through the game, the more likely you are able to earn better reward. Marketplace – usually with gacha style games, the idea of trading is a big no-no – they HATE trading mechanics, as the idea behind it is to keep you interested in collecting champions. SkeletonHand has an idea, by making the game Play-To-Earn, there is a chance of drops throughout the game for key fragments or creator seals, these can also be earned from tournaments and events in-game. This can benefit both parties as you, the player, can get better characters and the creator of the game can take a small percentage as fees.

PvP will be huge in this game and the strongholds look immense. You’ll have to build your own stronghold and defend against players who are attacking you. There are live replays so you can see what works and where there are weaknesses that players are targeting. As you get through the defences and attacks you’ll earn points that are put towards improving your defence such as summoning portals, traps and mines. The time and effort the developers have put into the PvP side has to be commended as it looks like one of the best in this genre.

There are five different types of Incarnate and all have male and female counterparts so depending on how you build yours it may be a mixture of the two genders!

Coming soon: 

  • Eternal Sets dropping (they still aren’t)
  • K0N.TR4 music
  • New battlefield tilesets (3 new ones)
  • New tileset music
  • NFT Drop announcement
  • Custom Incarnate PC Giveaway

What do you guys think of Incarnate? Do you think it will become the next Axie Infinity or much better? Let us know below!

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