Super Raids are back!

Published On: June 8, 2022

We have Super Raids!


This is good for anyone wishing to speed up the process of your farming! For double the energy, you can run 2 runs in one! You’ll get two pieces of loot and rewards for the one run!

On June 9th we go to the Dragons Lair and try to get and do try to not end up like Elhain!

On June 13th we head other to the Ice Golem’s Peak and fight in the snowy conditions!

On June 17th we head other to the Fire Knights Castle and battle the Fire Lord in the depths of Hell!

On June 21st we get caught up in webs as we battle the Spider’s Den for those juicy Accessories to decorate the champions in!

Good Luck be sure to let us know below how your Super Raids went!


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  1. Pete---Rob June 8, 2022 at 1:54 pm

    It looks like we can see the probable dates for some of the Fusion Tournaments as they have been coinciding with the super raids for Spider etc

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