Published On: August 10, 2022
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Tower of Fantasy is the new MMORPG that drops on 11/8/22 (UK) and it is about to have Twitch drops when you watch Streamers that have Drops Enabled!

For example, Phixion will be streaming Tower of Fantasy when it releases and you can catch his streams by clicking his name and it will take you to his Twitch channel or on our homepage, it will come up with his stream whenever he goes live!

The Outpost Challenge will go live on Twitch and will be hosted together with Twitch Drops so you guys can receive rewards whenever you watch your favourite streamers play Tower of Fantasy. This will be live from 11-13th Aug!

How to claim the Twitch Drops?

All you need to do is watch Tower of Fantasy streamers that have the Drops Enabled feature on Twitch to claim the drops! This is easy to do as you just need to have the stream on a second monitor or if you are popping out you can leave it running in the background and it will eventually come up in your notifications if you got the Twitch exclusive drop for Tower of Fantasy!

What can you claim?

There are 5 Drops that you can receive and they all depend on how long you watch a drops enabled stream for!

  • For watching half an hour of stream you’ll receive a Black Nucleus and a Vangaurd Trailblazer
  • For 1 hour of watching a stream, you’ll receive 50 Dark Crystals and 5 Random SR Relic Shard Boxes
  • For 2 hours of watching a stream, you’ll get 100 Dark Crystals and 10 Random SR Relic Shard Boxes
  • For 3 hours of watching a stream, you’ll get 1 Gold Nucleus and 15 Random SR Relic Shard Boxes
  • Finally, for 4 hours of watching a stream, you’ll get 2 Gold Nucleus and 1 Illusory Link

Do you get anything for streaming Tower of Fantasy?

Yes streamers that stream 25+ hours of streaming will qualify for “Special Rewards“, these consist of 1 Hygard Observer and 10 Gold Core. However, you must apply to get drops enabled for your stream!

There is also a “Bonus Mission

After the Twitch Drops events end (13th August) there will be a points system to determine which faction has the biggest number of guild members of each outpost, Average level of Streamers in each Outpost and Average map explored rate of streamers in each outpost!

You’ll be rated 1-5 with 5 points to first place, 4 to second and so on…

The Outpost with the highest Tweet volume on Twitter will get 2 points every day with a maximum of 6 points at the end of the event.

So to be in with a chance of winning you need to get active on Twitter and make a big noise about which Outpost you will be representing!

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