Published On: March 29, 2023

Two NEW Raid Shadow Legends Tools now live!


We are excited to announce the release of two new tools on our website that will help streamline the communities gameplay, with the release of our own Clan vs Clan Point Calculator and the Pack Offer Calculator.


Clan vs Clan Point Calculator

For those who are tired of manually calculating how many points they are able to put out during a Clan vs Clan battle (especially for those competing in high end Personal Reward Clan vs Clan Tournaments), with our new tool all you need to do is input your resource information and it will tell you how many points they will bank you towards your clans victory, which should streamline the processes involved in being a successful clan competing in Clan vs Clan on the regular.

As we know, Clan vs Clan tournaments take place every 2 weeks by standard with some variance, with typically every other one involving personal rewards, so thoroughly planning out your output allows your clan to maximize the potential to take full advantage of these situations.

Check out our guide on Clan vs Clan that breaks down all the information you need to know on CvC.

We allow input for the following point acquisitions:

  • Summoning Champions
  • Levelling Champions (Fully)
  • Ranking up Champions
  • Skill Champion
  • Ascending Champions
  • Artifact Dungeons
  • Other Dungeons/Bosses
  • Artifact Upgrades/Glyphs
  • Great Hall Upgrades
  • Clan Boss Rewards
  • Classic Arena
  • Tag Team Arena
  • Forging Artifacts
  • Gems Used

Pack Offer Calculator

Of course, we understand the importance of maximizing the value of your purchases in Raid Shadow Legends, for those who do spend, which is why we’ve created our own Offer Calculator that allows you to input the details of any offer available and see exactly what we would value it at, to help you get the most out of your money.

There are many enticing offers in Raid: Shadow Legends but it is often hard to distinguish which packs are the best packs. Whether you are a low-spender looking to maximise your budget or a big spender looking to check on the value of a new and unique offering, our Pack Calculator will help you determine whether it is worth your investment.

Our Offer Calculator offers support for so many currencies (even some we didn’t know existed!) and is frequently updated based on the exchange rates of these currencies, to give a true, accurate valuation.

These ratings are based on our opinions and calculations – if you would like a different opinion or more information on packs in Raid, SmileyTK runs a deep dive into the packs in the game and uploads great content every day so check him out on YouTube.


These tools are just a few of many of the resources we have available on for Raid Shadow Legends, and as always we thrive to be the best place to go for anything Raid Shadow Legends for the community, with up to date guides and information, so please, let us know if there’s any tools you would like to see added in the future.

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10 months ago

I put everything except the PP points into the calculator for the Mini Mix Pack and it said it was worth about $15, the price of the deal. When I added in the 75 PP points, the value shot up to $30. I think the value assigned to PP points is far too high!

How high to what degree? Looking at my next PP reward, going from 3120 to 3350 PP points (230 points) unlocks a 150k silver reward. Plugging 150000 (do we need to put it in all digits like that or should we put in 150 for 150k?) has it worth $0. Further down, getting 190 PP points nets 5 superior potions, also worth $0 in your tool. So valuing 75 points as being worth $15 doesn’t make sense to me.

3 months ago
Reply to  W C

@WC just leave out useless things like multi battles and PP when calculating

3 months ago

@WC just leave out useless things like multi battles and PP when calculating