Published On: December 21, 2021
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Where is the best place to get Shards in Raid Shadow Legends?

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What are Shards in Raid Shadow Legends?

Shards in all reality, are the heart and soul of Raid Shadow Legends, or at the very least, the cause of most of our addiction to the game. There are not many if any, things in this game that can give you anywhere near the rush of pulling a top-tier legendary, or the lows of pulling you’re 5th Drokgul the Gaunt

They really are such a vital resource in the game, as not only are they needed to give us new Champions, they are also tied into every single Fusion Event, meaning if we want to get our hands on a champion that is considered very available, you will need to have your hands on a nice number of shards to get you through the events.

For those of you who don’t play the game, or are very new – shards in Raid Shadow Legends are effectively RNG Loot boxes, each of them containing 1 Champion – with the very slim chance of it being a higher rarity (Legendary). Shards can be found in the Summoning Portal.


What are the different types of Shards in Raid Shadow Legends?

Mystery Shards:
Widely accessible, these drops frequently from many areas of the game, especially campaign. You can also buy these from the Market for 5,000 Silver. While Mystery shards are mostly redundant in this game, they can be massive while pushing for a fusion especially if you’re F2P / Low Spend. From Mystery Shards, you can get Common, Uncommon, and very occasionally Rare Champions.

Ancient Shards:
Ancient Shards are the step up from Mystery Shards, by a big jump. These Shards only contain Rare, Epic, and Legendary Champions. Ancient Shards are quite widely obtainable, through various locations, including Dungeon runs and 5 each month from the Market.

Void Shards:
These beauties are effectively a better version of Ancient Shards… however, have the same rates to pull upgraded rarity Champions. The difference here though, is they are the ONLY way to get your hands on Void Champions, unless from a Fusion/Event. Voids are significantly harder to get your hands on, with them being available in tournaments/events very infrequently, the best place to get these is Clan Boss.

Sacred Shards:
Sacred Shards are the best available shards in Raid, with them only providing Epic and Legendary Champions – but as such, they are significantly harder to get your hands on, for a start, the only Clan boss difficulties that can drop them are Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare, and they are barely ever included in rewards for events. You can get your hands on 1 every month from completing your daily quests each day, but since the removal of them in the daily login rewards the options for reliable Sacred Shards are limited.


Where can you get shards from in raid shadow legends?

There are lots of places that you CAN get Shards from, however, farming them is not really an option in most cases.

  • Daily Clan Boss
  • Doom Tower
  • Daily Quests
  • Login Rewards
  • Market (5 Ancients / Month)
  • Shop (1 Free Ancient each week)
  • Achievements and Progress Missions
  • Campaign Milestones
  • Dungeon Drops – It is a 0.5% Chance to get an Ancient Shard during dungeon runs.
  • Events/Tournaments
  • 3v3 Bazaar

Why are void and sacred shards so rare in raid shadow legends?

Void Shards and Sacred Shards are so rare in Raid Shadow Legends because of their value, Plarium values them incredibly high in comparison to Ancient Shards, which makes sense at least for Sacred Shards due to the fact that they cannot contain Rare Champions, whereas Void shards have exactly the same summon rates as Ancients, the only difference being that they only contain Void Affinity Champions.

These shards are gated behind what would be considered mid-late game content, in high levels of Doom Tower and the later stages of Clan Boss, with the occasional Shard of these types being available throughout the month from other means, they definitely become more available as you progress further.

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sad this is another game you just need to pay to win but screw over the f2p side