Why it is important for content creators to start fresh

Published On: June 27, 2021

Why it is important for content creators to start fresh


Many of you will have recently seen that HellHades has created a new free to play series on his channel. Raid: Shadow Legends is one of those games that you can see through rose-tinted glasses when you have already progressed through the harder content in the game.

It is because of this that as a content creator who strives to always provide high-quality content to help people learn and progress the game that from time to time you replay those experiences.

Over the past year, we have seen many quality-of-life adjustments in Raid: Shadow Legends and the game has changed dramatically since most well-advanced accounts originally progressed through the content.

Although a lot of these changes have been for the good, through the natural progression of the game many have not.

The Arena is an area of the game that always falls under contest when discussing the progression in the game because whilst the area is designed to be for the “higher progressed” accounts to compete, progression overall is restricted by the area directly.

One of the main things that will slow down progress on your account is your Great Hall, having this process limited by overpowered arena teams is sometimes forgotten for accounts that can already comfortably farm gold arena.

Arena also stops you from progressing through your in-game missions to obtain Arbiter, a champion that is almost essential to compete in the arena. So, unless you have Arbiter, you are already on the back foot with your progress. The concept that you need Arbiter to get Arbiter is crazy and although there are plenty of ways to win an arena with go-second teams, they are equally champion specific.

If you are a progressed player in Raid: Shadow Legends and you are struggling to understand the gripes of trying to progress in the game now, we challenge you to start over and experience these things first-hand.

We and many of the community feel that progression is still steady and achievable in its current state, however, you need to have knowledge of the game and what champions to build to achieve it.

Therefore, yes, we feel the game is hard – as it should be – who wants an easy ride? But with the right knowledge and understanding of what champions can do, anyone can still progress through Raid: Shadow Legends in the games current state. What is more, in many ways the game is in a far better state to cater to new players than it has been in the past.

Follow HellHades’ progress on his brand new free to play series to see how a progressed player approaches the challenges of the game.

What is your opinion on progressing in Raid: Shadow Legends in its current state? Do you think it is easier now? Are you currently stuck somewhere in the game?

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  1. dodgson June 30, 2021 at 6:13 pm

    While I agree with the premise that it is important to start over occasionally and while the arena is currently manageable due to the “bot not-bots” that they introduced, I completely disagree with your last premise that progression is still steady and achievable. From early March through a few weeks ago with the bots, the game was hard-gated unless you got super lucky arena champ pulls. When you are gated in the arena, the rest of the game is gated. When they do remove the “bots not-bots” from the game, the same issues will arise. You will either have to neuter your entire account to focus on the arena (in a champion collector game) and completely ignore things like faction wars or you will have to give up entirely on upper level great hall and fast great hall progression (not to mention the tier bonuses). This game really needs to triple the tiers and keep bronze-gold at the very bottom so that everyone can get the necessary account development with natural progression and the top 2/3 of the player base can fight without beating up on new accounts. They should also only reset platinum so the point loss only comes from the very top. That way more advanced accounts will rise up through the arena unless they actively lose on purpose (either easy defensive losses or using attacks with the intent to lose).

    • db2_Gorilla June 30, 2021 at 9:31 pm

      Tend to agree – before the bots i could survive in gold2 with circa 60% win ratio – Great Hall progression was painfully slow – Arbiter is but a distance dream – What i don’t understand is why Great Hall medals can only be earned in Arena when the bonuses effect every part of the game – They should award medals for all pve parts of the game aswell, then the Arena wouldn’t be such an issue

  2. wink101 July 5, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    It would be great to see a low spending account series. Everything always being about free to play has gotten pretty old.

  3. TerraSpade July 8, 2021 at 2:13 pm

    I am following the proccess. Thanks.

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