Published On: February 11, 2021
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Why swapping your best gear around will enhance your progress in Faction Wars


With the recent announcement from Plarium, it was made clear that at some point after the new Faction releases (once it has enough champions) – The requirements to get Lydia the Deathsiren from Faction wars WILL increase.

We do not know how long it will be before Faction Wars is increased, but adding a new Faction to complete will make this significantly harder especially if you are unable to pull some good champions early on. So making sure that you are taking steps towards completing this before the requirements are increased should be a large priority for anybody who is relatively close/has the champions to do so.

While there are plenty of guides around which champions you can use for Faction Wars, we’re here to tell you HOW to progress once you have picked said champions, gearing is hugely important for Faction Wars, and a huge mistake that people make, is trying to gear up each individual champion with their own gear – This will cost a ton and slow your progress.

Swapping your best gear between Factions will cost significantly less and in general, give you better results, what a lot of people do, is building several of the key sets for Faction wars, and rotate the best ones to each of your champions as necessary, some key sets to consider in Faction Wars are:

  • Stun set (This will make every single wave significantly easier, and help control boss adds) – This set is great for those with an A1 AOE ability, or Multiple AOE abilities.
  • Shield set (This will help stabilize at the start of each round and keep your team healthy) – due to the small amount of healing you will get completing the waves, this will buffer your champs so that you can push further
  • Frost set (if you have an AOE provoker, this can provide an additional layer of CC)
  • Immortal set (In faction wars, the enemies speeds are very low, allowing you to take a lot of turns, Immortal will really help keep you sustained while taking multiple turns per enemy turn)
  • Relentless – Having your damage deals in Relentless in FW can really boost your damage, allowing your Cooldowns to cycle back faster or those clutch CC/skill champs can cycle back
  • Speed – Speed is key in FW, like it is everywhere in the game, due to the waves only having their base speed, it is very easy to ensure you can go 2:1 to every wave, allowing you to get more CC and Damage out before they can take a turn
  • ACC/Perception – For stage 21 you need around 250 accuracy to ensure you do not get resisted, this is key for making sure you are able to progress further.

There are plenty of other impactful sets for Faction Wars, but these are some notable mentions.

If you were to upgrade 5+ sets of gear for EACH faction you would struggle massively with silver, as it is already one of the hardest, if not the hardest resource to manage in this game. Rotating these key sets that you have built and maxed out will still cost you several million silver each time you need to swap, but it will safe you massive amounts in the long term, and overall you will have better sets and not have to use sub-par gear sets just to try make it through stages.

Make sure while pushing to a new stage, check the champions that are involved in the level, and make sure your speed is 2x their speed, for example, Valkyrie waves – Valkyrie is 104 speed – so you need to run at 208 speed to ensure you can go twice per turn she takes, allowing you to land Stuns, Provokes / other CC before she can use her A2 as this will both hurt and slow down you being able to kill the enemy wave (remember to be careful with buffing vs a Valk as she will gain TM boost and she will cut in)

A great place to check the waves/stats of each stage is this sheet.

This will really help you make decisions on your gearing choices depending on the level you are on.

Hopefully, this will help you make some further Faction Wars progress to get closer, or even reach Lydia before the new Faction comes!

Due to a recent change, there is now a 1500 turn limit, remember, you only need to get through once with everyone alive for those three stars, don’t rush it. Plan Well. Gear Well Pray for good rng. Very few people have completed FW on their first attempt.

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Justin Zerba
Justin Zerba
8 months ago

I’ve done that some when needed but generally like to have each champ with their own gear. I want to be able to farm 20 or 21 of each faction you get better glyphs and more materials for forging perception & resilience gear.