Published On: May 30, 2024
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Wixwell Infinity Clan Boss Team Guide

Step aside Brogni – the Wixwell Infinity Clan Boss team is about to take your crown!

Many players were divided over Wixwell’s usefulness initially, but his shield-boosting abilities, coupled with his [Intercept] buff make him a solid foundation for a new wave of Infinity Shield team compositions.

Additionally, using Wixwell instead of Brogni gives you much more flexibility with your overall team composition, as we’ll see.

What is an Infinity Clan Boss Team?

An Infinity Team works around a single concept: Growing the shield power from both gear and Champion abilities infinitely during a battle, using a specific combination of Champions that have the [Shield] and [Increase Buff Duration] skills.

This results in shields that continually outgrow any damage that can be dealt to them, making your team essentially invincible.

If you’re new to the Raid: Shadow Legends Clan Boss, then we’d recommend checking out our detailed Clan Boss guide below for additional strategies too.

Wixwell Infinity Clan Boss Team Composition

Previously, Brogni was a must for any Infinity Clan Boss Team. Wixwell not only replaces Brogni – he’s arguably even better thanks to his [Intercept] buffs, which block one enemy debuff attempt per stack.

This is extremely useful against Clan Boss, as it allows your team to completely negate his stuns.

Moreover, Wixwell’s kit grants you a lot more flexibility in your team composition, meaning you’re no longer forced to use certain Champions to be effective.

To build an effective team composition around Wixwell, you’ll need:

  • three Champions with [Increase Buff Duration]
  • two heavy-hitting damage dealers

Here are some good picks for buff-extending Champions, in addition to Wixwell himself. Keep in mind you’re ideally looking for ones that have 3-turn cooldowns too.


Vault Keeper Wixwell Portrait
  • The core of the Infinity team thanks to his A2
  • [Intercept] protects against stuns

Lady Mikage

lady mikage portrait
  • Gainable over time by any player
  • Silkensnare A2 increases buff duration


corvis the corruptor portrait
  • [Poison] debuffs can pump out good damage
  • Strong synergy between his A2 and A3

Hellborn Sprite

  • [Poison] debuffs can pump out good damage
  • Strong synergy between his A2 and A3

Next, you’ll need some damage dealers. Any Champion that hits hard will do the job, but we’d recommend having one speed-focused Champion.

Pushing your team SPD high enough will let your teams take two turns for every one of the Clan Bosses.


  • Great synergy with Wixwell
  • Excellent damage-dealing A3

High Khatun

  • Her Aura boosts team SPD by 19%
  • Turn meter control is a bonus


Lydia the Deathsiren-Portrait
  • Useful [Decrease DEF] and [Weaken] debuffs
  • [Increase SPD] buffs


  • One of the hardest-hitting Champions in the game
  • Buffs increase the DMG of his A3

Remember – these are just some recommendations. As long as you make sure you keep the fundamentals of this team composition in mind, there are plenty of options you can play with in terms of Champions and builds.

Simply refer to this Wixwell Infinity Clan Boss Guide checklist to make sure you’ve got the basics covered:

  1. Three buff extenders (including Wixwell)
  2. Two damager dealers (ideally with one speed buffer)
  3. All Champions have set shields active (from Shield or Divine Artifact sets – note that Bolster Artifact sets won’t work!)
  4. All Champions have Speed sets/speed boosts

Don’t forget, you can use our Raid Optimiser to make sure you’ve got the very best gear for the job, too.

Check out HellHades’ full video on Wixwell Infinity Clan Boss teams below, and enjoy the insane damage this team composition can deliver when set up right!

Will you be replacing Brogni with Wixwell? What variations of this team composition have you tried so far? Let us know in the comments!

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10 days ago

This will get you to about 130M damage:
High Khatun – 285 speed, 2068 def, Speed set + 3 Protection artifacts
Geomancer (OP) – 215 speed, 2133 def, 3 Perception sets (517 ACC)
Anchorite (Shield) – 253 speed, 3526 def, Speed set + Shield set
Godseeker Aniri – 226 speed, 3830 def, Regen + Immortal Sand Devil gear
Vault Keeper Wixwell – 257 speed, 3278 def, Perception + Reflex

This will get you to about 250M damage:
Demytha – 274 speed, 4312 def, Speed set
Anchorite (Shield) – 253 speed, 3526 def, Speed set + Shield set
Geomancer (OP) – 215 speed, 2133 def, 3 Perception sets (517 ACC)
Gnut (OP) – 155 speed, 4401 def, 1 Perception set
Vault Keeper Wixwell – 257 speed, 3278 def, Perception + Reflex

Geo must take the stun for Wixwell. Anchorite can take the stun vs Magic.
The only reason I keep my Myth-Heir team anymore is for the advanced quest to complete Clan Boss with a rare.

Cory Andersen
Cory Andersen
7 days ago

I just tossed Brogni and Wixwell together with some extenders. 1500 attack cap every tier of the Clan Boss. Worst affinity was 180 mil on UNM.

3 days ago

For clarity — Shields seem to overwrite/ reset their values when Wix casts his A3. Should that be turned off?
Because of this reset, around turn 24 on Clan Boss he’ll wipe the team out as the shields can’t stand up to the damage of the slam.

3 days ago
Reply to  StoaTrooper

It shouldnt overwrite if it has a larger shield or is a longer duration!

3 days ago
Reply to  Saphyrra

Ah, found the problem there. A quick tweak to timing and it’s working gloriously now. Thanks!