Published On: March 22, 2023
Start your Raid Journey Today!

2x Void Event plus Champion Rebalances!


Attention, Raid Shadow Legends players! Get ready for an exciting event starting this weekend. The 2x Void Shards event will kick off on March 24th, which means you’ll have double the chances of getting Epic and Legendary Champions, such as Krisks and Siphis.

Please note that while this is an excellent opportunity, there is no guarantee that you’ll get the Champions you want. However, we can all hope for the kind of void luck that Lockers (or Luckers) has!

This is the perfect time to use your saved shards unless you’re holding onto them for summon rushes or fusions. If you’re interested in participating in Hellhades’ Viewer Shard Pull Stream on Friday, March 24th, send him a direct message on Discord, and he’ll add you to the list.

Don’t miss out on this chance to level up your roster and make it even stronger.

Get ready to summon some of the most powerful Champions in the game, and who knows – you might just get lucky and add some of the most coveted ones to your collection.

In addition to this event, we also have some information on upcoming champion changes coming to Raid Shadow Legends:

Champion Rebalances

Drum Roll Please……

Suzerain Katonn and Elegaius

These changes are being made in the upcoming patch.

For Suzerain Katonn here is what will change:

Hex of Years

Damage increased. Attacks all enemies. Has a 70% chance of placing a 25% [Weaken] debuff for 2 turns. Also has a 45% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff for 2 turns.

Banish From Time

Damage increased.

And for Elegaius here is his changes:

Dead Stop

Attacks 1 enemy. Puts the target’s skills on cooldown. Also places a [Block Buffs] debuff for 2 turns. If the enemy team has any duplicates of the target Champion, will also put all their skills on cooldown and place a [Block Buffs] debuff on them for 2 turns.

Ghost Rage

Attacks all enemies. Has a 75% chance of removing 2 random buffs. Also has a 75% chance of decreasing all enemies’ Turn Meters by 20%. Decreases enemy Turn Meters by a further 10% for each removed buff.

Spurned by Death (Passive)

CD decreased from 6 to 5 turns (4 when booked). Prevents this Champion’s death and keeps them alive on 1 HP when hit by a fatal hit. If this skill prevents this Champion’s death, heals them by 30% of their MAX HP, fills their Turn Meter by 30%, and places a [Shield] buff on them equal to 30% of their MAX HP for 2 turns. Will not prevent this Champion’s death if they are under a [Heal Reduction] debuff.


Increases Ally ACC in all Battles by 60.

These changes will come into play in the next patch let us know in the comments below of what you think and could they have done more with these champions?!

Also are you pulling all your void shards on Friday?!

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1 year ago

Not to be that guy, but Elegaius is actually female. She used to be a high priestess before becoming corrupt (or something like that). All right, I’m off to go ruin other parties with more “um, actually” information!

1 year ago

Can’t wait for Suzerain’s buff he was my first Leggo

1 year ago

When I heard about buffs Suzerain was the first champ on my mind after their recent lore post, he could get decent depending on the multipliers, but will likely remain extremely mid. Sorry Cruetraxa!

Alan Walsh
Alan Walsh
1 year ago

Pulled both in the last couple of weeks. An improvement but still struggling to make myself excited.