Published On: July 9, 2024
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3 New Champions Enter The Game!

3 new Champions will be added to RAID this week, alongside the release of the new Siege game mode!

These new Champions will be released on Wednesday, 10th July.

Let’s check out the 3 New Champions who will be joining the ranks…

Komidus Darksmile (Base Form)

Faction: Demonspawn

Komidus Darksmile is a Mythical Champion, renowned for his mastery of skill manipulation and Turn Meter effects. His versatility allows him to transform into a bomb specialist, making him a formidable opponent in various battles.

Base Form

In his base form, Komidus Darksmile wields the following abilities:

  • Skill Dominator [A2]: Removes all buffs from enemies, blocks their active skills, and steals 20% Turn Meter from each affected enemy. This ability effectively locks enemies into using their default skills, allowing Komidus to cycle through his abilities more quickly.
  • Turn Meter Steal [A3]: Steals 100% Turn Meter from a target and puts their skills on cooldown, making him ideal for controlling bosses like The Dark Fae or Fire Knight and preventing arena targets from using their active effects.
  • Retaliation [P]: When attacked, deals damage equal to 30% of his MAX HP and shields himself for protection.
  • Dark Decree [A1]: Decreases a target’s defense by 2% per hit (up to 20%) and steals 10% Turn Meter with each hit.

Komidus Darksmile (Alternate Form)

When transformed into a bomb specialist, Komidus Darksmile gains new abilities:

  • Deflection [P]: Reflects bombs placed on him back to the attacker and has a 30% chance to deflect other debuffs. He also heals himself by 20% for each enemy killed by bombs. This is particularly effective against Bommal the Dreadhorn or enemies like Gaius The Gleeful in the arena.
  • Bomb Placement [A2]: Places bomb debuffs on enemies, which instantly detonate on targets under Stoneskin or with less HP, followed by stunning them. This can dismantle tanky defenses in the arena.
  • Weaken [A3]: Places a Weaken debuff on enemies, amplifying his bomb damage, and allows him to heal himself by 50%.
  • Bomb Barrage [A1]: Grants extra attempts to place bombs on enemies.

In both forms, Komidus Darksmile excels in controlling the battlefield, either by manipulating turn meters and skill cooldowns or by deploying devastating bomb attacks.

Diamant Coppercoin

Faction: Ogryn Tribes

Diamant Coppercoin, a Void legendary champion, is famed for his protective abilities and the power to convert debuffs into buffs. Having stolen precious diamonds and jewels from the Telerian vault, Diamant is resolute in defending his treasure from any who seek to reclaim it.


  • Protection Racket [A3]: Places 3 Intercept stacks on an ally, then applies Increase Resistance and Strengthen buffs to the entire team. This skill is crucial for mitigating crowd control effects and reducing damage, making it highly effective against tough bosses like those in Hydra and Doom Tower.
  • Debuff Conversion [Passive]: Converts various debuffs into buffs before they are placed on him, similar to Yumeko’s Deflections. This ensures Diamant gains beneficial effects even when targeted with debuffs, enhancing his survivability and utility.
  • Buff Extension and Turn Meter Boost [A2]: Increases the duration of ally buffs and grants Diamant a 10% Turn Meter boost, which scales with the number of buffs extended. This ability helps maintain team buffs and ensures Diamant’s actions are frequent and impactful.
  • Healing AOE [A1]: Heals allies based on the buffs he has, synergizing with his passive ability for optimal healing. This makes Diamant an excellent candidate for gear sets like Provoke and Cursed, further enhancing his utility in prolonged battles.

Diamant Coppercoin excels in providing protection, controlling debuffs, and supporting his team through healing and buff extensions, making him a valuable asset in challenging encounters.

Legate Teox

Faction: Lizardmen

Legate Teox, a legendary champion from the ancient and powerful Lizardmen Faction, embodies the strength and unity of his team. Known for his devastating damage and protective synergy, Teox ensures his fellow lizards are always safe.

Abilities and Synergies

  • Debuff Synergy: Teox thrives with a debuffer by his side, as debuffs on enemies trigger his extra hits and turns, enhancing his skills. Pairing him with up to three allies from the Lizardmen faction unlocks additional effects that increase his power, reduce damage taken by allies, and grant immunity to Sheep when fully activated.
  • Draconic Retribution [A2]: A powerful triple-hit attack that ignores up to 50% of the enemy’s defense. Each hit increases Teox’s attack by up to 50% and grants an extra turn if the target is killed. This ability allows Teox to cycle through his skills quickly for continuous damage.
  • Unity Strike [A1]: Teams up with the ally with the highest crit damage to attack an enemy. If the target is debuffed, the damage can scale up to 100%, making it highly effective in both Arena and Hydra battles.
  • Power Boost [A3]: Places Increase Attack and Crit Damage buffs on himself and deals an extra hit against debuffed enemies. This ability also blocks enemy revives and ignores various forms of protection when fully synergized with other Lizardmen allies like Krisk and Vergumkaar.
  • Damage Mitigation [Passive]: Grants immunity to Sheep/Polymorph and reduces damage taken, crucial for surviving tough battles, especially in the Arena.
  • Turn Meter Fill: Increases his Turn Meter each time an enemy or ally receives a debuff, giving Teox more opportunities to attack and control the battlefield.

Legate Teox excels in forming a synergistic team around him, enhancing his power and protecting his allies. His abilities make him a formidable force in both offensive and defensive strategies, ideal for various challenging encounters.

What do you think of these 3 New Champions? Let us know in the comments!

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3 days ago

Komidus’ alternate form is one of the ugliest character designs in this game.

Bryson Brown
Bryson Brown
3 days ago

I keep seeing ppl hate on Komidus’ alt but i kinda think it looks sick

Joe Douglas
Joe Douglas
2 days ago

Just rip screenshots from the video you made and put them up for the skill descriptions, way too many words here for champ skills.