Crazy Events Happening in Raid
Published On: January 22, 2024
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Crazy Events Happening in Raid


There are some Crazy Events Happening in Raid right now so let’s get started and explain them so you know which ones to hit or miss, not everyone can do them all so use your best judgement and try to double dip as many rewards as possible because it is well worth it if you can get those rewards.

There are 3 different big events happening right now for you guys to get involved in. We have the Monster Path Event, Prism Shard Event and the Titan event. So let’s break it down to you what we think is the best and how we can get the most out of these events!

Monster Hunter Event

The Monster Path event is part of the collaboration with Monster Hunter and Raid trying to bring new audiences to the game and allow new faces to play their favourite Monster Hunter Hero in the world of Raid and we have to say it has been a successful event so far and they keep adding to it with the Monster Path Event, so thumbs up to Raid let’s keep it going!

So, what is the Monster Path Event? We have seen the paths events before where you need to do certain things to unlock coins which you use to unlock the pathways and get some cool rewards along the way.

For this Monster Path, you need to Upgrade champion’s levels and stars and summon Stones and soulstones as this will give you coins to use for the pathway. This is one of the best pathways we can have as everyone can upgrade champions from F2P to end game so you should get on it if you can because at the end of the path is a Legendary champion Alatreon Blademaster and he looks so cool.

To get the Champion you need to start from the left side of the tree then grab the middle 2 keys which will cost you 13,000 coins then you need to go back to the top and work your way down the left side of the tree all the way needing an additional 94,750 points to claim the Legendary champion so in total to get the champion you need 107,750 coins and you’ll also pick up a void shard and some few other bits.

After you have the champion if you wish to continue to try and get the perfect soul for Alatreon Blademaster you need another 28,000 just to get the keys to get down the right-hand side. Then another 88,000 to get the soul for the champion as well. So, it does seem a lot but it would make sense Raid wouldn’t do anything easy!

In total you need 223,750 coins which is A LOT of coins so be prepared if you are going for this!

Lunar Festival Titan Event

The Lunar Festival Titan event is a good event if you have done the fusion as you will get a 5-star perfect Soul for the fusion champion Zinogre Blademaster. Over the 3 weeks you can earn 1750 points and you need 1500 to get all the rewards so make sure you don’t miss any if you are going for it. Don’t miss the 280 points in the Monster Hunter event but it will cost you some time and energy. The rewards are pretty basic it gets good towards the end but could be better.

You’ll probably get to milestone 3 just by playing the game but could push on if you are actively trying to get it.

Prism Shard Event

Prism shards are back and we have a 5% chance to summon a Legendary champion, one of them being the new Monster Hunter champion R. Nergigante Archer. The Prism shard champions are very good, especially for a F2P so if there is a way to get the shards for free then it is an amazing selection of champions.

If you have the Prism Shards or can afford to get some then it isn’t the worst idea as you have a chance to get R. Nergigante Archer but only if you can.

It is a big week for events Good Luck if you are going for any of them and let us know in the comments your thoughts on them!

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5 months ago

First time I ever whaled after playing about 2 and a half years, I spend somewhat but usually less than 100 a month. REALLY wanted the Archer…. after 1500 US, 2 or 3 each of the other Legos, 0 Archers :(

Big win for Plarium, crap for me :(

Last edited 5 months ago by Ughbash