Published On: July 27, 2023

Crazy Void 2x Weekend – Champion Chase Rewards!


Plarium has just announced a crazy void 2x weekend that will feature a special Champion Chase Tournament, let’s check it out…

Bare in mind, ahead of these Champion Chase Tournaments beginning – they tend to get PRETTY CRAZY, and getting the top reward is very unlikely, typically 1% of players will be able to win their group, but potentially 0.5% if they decide to make 200 Person brackets which they occasionally do for big events like this!

Plarium Announcement

Win Champions and 2x Void summon boost!

From 08:00 UTC Friday, July 28 to 08:00 UTC Monday, July 31, we’re DOUBLING your chances of receiving Legendary and Epic Champions from Void Shards.

Also, from Friday, July 28 at 08:00 UTC to Tuesday, August 1 at 08:00 UTC, we’re running a Champion Chase Tournament.

The rules are simple: get Champions by any means necessary.

Take 1st place to win an amazing Champion! If you manage to take 1st place on the Leaderboard in your Group during this Tournament, you will get:

Don’t miss this great chance to win an awesome Champion, as well as summon powerful Void Champions!

Have fun and happy raiding!

Should you be pulling shards?

As always, 2x is the BEST chance of getting a legendary from your shards, with the chance rising to 1% per shard, but there are a few other reasons why this weekend may be the best time for you to pull your shards.

  • There is not an active Fusion currently, and it does begin NEXT week, so you may be wise to save shards unless you have a large quantity saved up!
  • Some players prefer to save shards for Guaranteed Events, and as such with Void Shards you can expect to need around 90-110 shards for these.
  • The chances of winning your Tournament Bracket are incredibly low, so bear that in mind!

Will you be going for the Void 2x Weekend events? Let us know in the comments!

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4 months ago

The only one I don’t have is Duedan, haha. I already have 2 Kymar and wasn’t planning on using shards this weekend. Good luck if you are attempting this!

Antonio Manocchio
Antonio Manocchio
4 months ago

Perchè continuate a dire che col 2x si hanno più probabilità di ottenere un lego se poi ci vuole solo fortuna per averlo? Ci vuole un capitale per avere almeno 100 void, per non parlare poi di quelle sacre!!!