Published On: February 5, 2023
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Day in the life of Lockers F2P


Here is the day in the life of Lockers F2P life!

Firstly he wakes up and logs onto his Ipad staring lovingly at Krisk wondering what he and his new buddy will do today. (Move over Athel) then he gets up and gets ready for the day knowing it’ll be a fun-packed day adventuring into some scary dungeons or fighting a mean-looking Clan boss!

But the first thing on his agenda is to get into that Arena and fight for his life with his team consisting of Athel(lead for HP aura), Krisk, Ronda and Raf-Matab. There is no order to his fights as he just hopes Krisk’s shield is enough to prevent getting 1-shot whilst Ronda and Athel clean up then if that isn’t enough Raf-Matab will come in with the Provoke and Self Block Damage to soak up any remaining damage giving the DPS another turn at smacking the opponents.

Then he turns to Tag Team arena because he really wants the fragments for Drex as does most players so he gets stuck in looking for the 1 man teams or easy pickings because there is no need to jump into crazy hard fights in Bronze 1.

After battling it out in the arena Lockers turns his attention to the Demon-Lord aka the Clan Boss as he needs to put his 4 keys to use and get as much damage as possible. Currently, 3 keying Hard Clan Boss then placing his 4th onto Normal. This is where he struggles to get the damage out because he doesn’t have a full poisoner other than Myciliac Priest Orn and he is lacking books to be able to perform to his highest potential and gear but soon enough he’ll get there!

He takes a quick break whilst the clan boss is on auto to make himself some breakfast and checks in to see how the rest of the competitors are doing. Then after the Clan Boss has finished he finds himself needing to farm some masteries to make his Clan Boss runs stronger so he sits in there for the remainder of his energy in the minotaur.

After using his energy he looks around the game to find more places to farm energy and prays that he hasn’t done his weekly tasks yet or his daily refreshes so he can go farm some more! And with luck, he gets some refreshes from fighting in the arena and being logged into the game.

After running out of energy and twiddling his thumbs unsure what he’s going to do next on his F2P account he boots us the referral accounts and puts them onto auto to try and get them to level 50, currently, they are sitting at level 35 but slowly but surely they are rising in levels putting him closer and closer to those juicy Sacred Shards!

After the referrals are all out of energy he returns to the main F2P to refresh the arena every 15 minutes to snipe some Trophies and climb in the arena.

Now he just sits and waits for some energy to refill or he goes outside and touches some grass! Whilst waiting the temptation to pull his shards creeps closer and is always in his ear but so far he has stayed strong and has a current total of 1 ancient shard, Damn his will power must be strong!!

This is the day in the life of Lockers on his F2P account!

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Jon Aegon knx
Jon Aegon knx
1 year ago

This just proves that the idea of an f2p contest is just ridiculous. It’s 99% luck and 1% skill.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Aegon knx

The thing is that after the early game it becomes a lot more skill based, as everyone will be getting a steady amount of shards, and where you invest your energy and how you put together teams is very impactful. Rn it’s very luck dependent though.