Published On: December 7, 2022

Drop Frenzy Event will be live this weekend!


Plarium have recently revealed the news that there will be a Drop Frenzy Event over the weekend! This will be a good time to use your saved up energy if you want to participate in the event. If you do wish to participate then you’ll be sat in Spider all weekend! It’s time to bolster your accessory collection and start putting decent gear in there!

Let’s see what’s happening this weekend…


Hey y’all!

I have some news about the upcoming events this week:

  • On Thursday, December 8th, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Dwarves Accessories at Spider’s Den.
  • On Friday, December 9th, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Shadowkin Accessories at Spider’s Den.
  • On Saturday, December 10th, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Sylvan Watchers Accessories at Spider’s Den.
  • On Sunday, December 11th, until Wednesday, December 14th, we’re tripling your chances of getting Speed gear from Dragon’s Lair.

So look for the Drop Frenzy label in-game to know the event is live.


What is the best stage to farm?

When farming gear, there are a few stage breakpoints that are important to know for the best results, and you should aim to farm the highest of these that you’re able to.

  • Stage 13 – First access to 6* gear – allowing you to get potentially great items.
  • Stage 16 – This is where Dungeons will stop dropping Mystery Shards and Brews allowing you to get more gear per energy.
  • Stage 20 – No longer drops unneeded 4* gear.
  • Stage 24 – The best amount of good gear per energy.
  • Stage 25 – The BEST possible chances at 6* Legendary gear.

Picking between stage 24 and stage 25 comes down to the simple fact of whether you want more high-quality gear, or slightly less but a higher chance of getting 6* Legendary drops.

If ou need advice on how to beat the Spider then follow this guide here


This is the first time we have seen a triple times chance so make use of it especially if you’re lacking in the Sylvan Watchers accessory, they need their jewellery as much as the rest of the champions! We recommend that you take part in this event because it is a good way to better your gear! Then whilst you’re there why not have an accessory cleanse and ask yourself do you really need that piece of jewellery?!

Have Fun in the Spider! Let us know in the comments below what you think of this Drop Frenzy Event?!

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11 months ago

Well, my Yumekos banner is only a triple roll speed on a 5 star (I know, such a waste of accurasy), so I’ll be farming the hell out of Spider on Friday. Now the real question is if I’ll farm 20 in under 25 sec per run or 24 at 1 minute to 1:30.