Published On: July 5, 2023
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Guaranteed Alure Event – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has just announced a special guaranteed Alure event, in line with Episode 8 of Call of the Arbiter which will focus on Alure.

Let’s check out Plarium’s announcement…

Guaranteed Alure Event Announcement

Hey-hey everyone!

On Thursday, July 6th, we’re planning to launch a special Guaranteed Champion event timed to the premiere of the RAID: Call of the Arbiter Episode 8!

Summon Champions using Ancient Shards while the event is active, and you are guaranteed to get Alure by your 30th Ancient Shard.

Remember, if you do happen to summon Alure before your 30th Ancient Shard, your event will end.

The event will be active for 24 hours.

Should you pull your shards?

If you have the Shards available and do not already have her, Alure is a great addition to many accounts – or at least, she was before Gnut was announced, as realistically he is a better version of her, who also brings a ton of damage and valuable debuffs to your team.

That being said, Alure remains one of the best single-target Turn Meter controllers in the game, capable of locking out the toughest of enemies on her own, especially against the Fire Knight, and Dark Fae!

The following day (Friday) we do have a Summon Rush Event however for Gnut, so we would advise saving shards for this IF you’re going for the fusion, and if you’re not… you should be!


Are you going for the Guaranteed Alure Event? Let us know in the comments!

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10 months ago

i went for it got Royal Guard, Gorgorad and Allure and a couple of Sylvan rares for 30 shards. so im reasonably happy.
needed an Undead reviver for FW, and Royal Guard and Alure can be used a bunch of places and needed some Sylvan for the new crypt.