Published On: March 30, 2023

“Guaranteed” Summon Event with a twist!! Raid: Shadow Legends


Plarium has announced somewhat of a Guaranteed Summon Event this weekend, in a brand new form where you will earn fragments from a Summon Rush Event, as you may have seen from the ingame event section and the mysterious fragment champion that appeared in the summon window this morning.

There’s been a lot of speculation that this is Plarium’s attempt at an April Fool’s Joke, and that it’s not legitimate or it will be completely unobtainable, but that remains to be seen, however in their post regarding this on Social Media they did specify that the ‘Fools’ would be the ones who don’t get involved in this event.


Plarium Announcement

Participate in the Summon Rush Event and get Michinaki

For a limited time from 08:00 UTC, Friday, March 31 to 08:00 UTC, Monday, April 3, we’re launching a Summon Rush Event to give you a great chance to get one of Raid’s most powerful Champions. In this Event, you can earn the Legendary Shadowkin Champion, Michinaki!

If you earn enough points and pass all the Milestones in the Event, you will be able to collect enough Fragments to get Michinaki. Don’t be the fool this April Fools’ Day – Celebrate it by getting a powerful Champion!

Good luck, and happy summoning!


Summon Rush Tips

When it comes to completing Summon Rush Events, one of the most important things to remember is that you can use Mystery Shards – and no matter how bad your shard luck is, you will get set points based on the shards you’re opening, rather than on the Champions you pull like in a Champion Chase Tournament.

As you can see above, every type of shard will give you points, and whilst we don’t know what the point requirements will be like yet, you can plan ahead with your current shard count and see how many points you’ll be able to obtain!


Is Michinaki good?

If seeking a versatile champion with the ability to play crucial roles in end-game content, then Michanki is your skeleton. His godlike multiplier A1 inflicts HP burn , coinciding perfectly with a passive that has a 50% chance to team up with allies targeting enemies under Hex Debuffs. When facing the Hydra Boss burns are you best friend ! so triggering this passive multiple times is ideal for consistency, and great for Raw / Warmaster damage.

With Doubled Degeneracy he attacks all enemies 2 times Removing all buffs (which is good for stolen, or placed buffs), followed by Hex on his second hit. This has an amazing pairing with his A2 (and passive) that not only places Decrease defence, but also Decrease attack if targets are under Hex ! Therefore mitigating damage whilst assisting allies to deal more. Being based on Defence makes Michinaki an ideal tank for prolonged battles, with a 30% Defence Aura adding sustainability for your allies.

To conclude, the synergy of Michinaki’s skill’s set is top tier for all player levels, opening the doors to tackle Dungeons, Hydra Boss, Hard Mode Spider, Clan Boss, Doom Tower or completing Faction Wars.


Will you be pulling shards for this event? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Gramps1702 March 30, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    I can’t wait for this! Last time he was on x10 I opened 19 Sacreds looking for him. He has become my white whale. Hopefully my current 16 Sacreds will at least get me close to finishing this event.

  2. Mayhem5 March 30, 2023 at 3:48 pm

    its going to depend on how many points you need for the fragments, not worth pulling at all if it is a crazy amount.

  3. Schinderdiv March 30, 2023 at 5:36 pm

    This is why saving thousands of mystery shards can be a good thing.

  4. SS2020user March 31, 2023 at 6:39 am

    I’d go for this… if I didn’t already have him. Currently unused, as I don’t push Hydra atm, but if anyone knows any DT bosses he’s good at please inform me.

    • Gramps1702 March 31, 2023 at 12:23 pm

      Frost Spider?

      • SS2020user April 11, 2023 at 6:48 am

        I suppose, but I already have a Teumesia and a Drex. Otherwise that would be a great area for him.

  5. Deathnaught March 31, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    For the “which bonus should I dump my yellows on” question, ultimately this may come down to “how big a deal is the bonus champion for me?”, but from a statistical standpoint I broke down the odds of the most common offers. Note: this was a simulation of 1 million attempts at each offer, using 20 yellows each time. It assumes starting with a mercy counter of 0 each time:

    Guaranteed champ after 20: Avg 2.38 Legendaries, stdev: 0.97
    2X chance to get a Legendary: Avg 2.47 Legendaries, stdev: 1.39
    Double Legendary: Avg 2.22 Legendaries, stdev: 1.22

    The double legendary deal yields the lowest return, with a very high standard deviation (RNG), so the worst option. Note that while this is effected by the fact that only the first legendary pull gets the bonus on this offer, simulations with less crystals ALL result in the same or lower average yield as the 2x chance offer but with much higher RNG, so this is the worst offer in any scenario.

    The 2x legendary offer has the highest expected value of all offers, but a very high standard deviation (RNG).

    The guaranteed legendary offer has a slightly lower expected value than the 2x offer, but with a MUCH lower RNG, providing a far more consistent return. In general this is your best bet, especially considering that this offer guarantees that at least one of you legendaries isn’t trash, comes with all the event awards, and will let you substitute blue/purple shards, this is a far better option unless you just don’t care about the specific champions offered.

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