Champions That Will Help You in Hard Mode Dungeons

Published On: March 9, 2023

Champions That Will Help You in Hard Mode Dungeons


We will split it up into each dungeon to make it easier to read through but from what we’ve seen they aren’t too different from the normal bosses but they will have that extra flare to make them unique!

This is purely speculative based on Pre-Testing and is just opinion-based, further information will follow when this content is live and we are able to fully test different teams and strategies.

Tainted Hellrazor – Hard Mode Dragon


From what we can see from their Youtube showcase and a bit of knowledge found in the game, It will have 350 Accuracy so you’ll need massive Resistance much higher than 350 more like 4-500 if you want it to have an impact! The bosses have 290 Resistance so same again with your champions Accuracy you’ll need to boost it if you want the debuffs to hit which presumably you do!

You’ll need to prepare for the Hellrazor to activate all the poisons on you therefore making it very hard to survive!

Helior – His a3 will be ideal for the hard mode dragon because he tansfers all debuffs from allies to the enemy and uses all his RES stats and turns them into ACC for this ability allowing you to land it most of the time!

Staltus Dragonbane – He wears the head of a Dragon for a reason! His Passive fully enables him in this Dungeon because it reflects poison, Weaken and Decrease DEF so it will just spit it back at the dragon!

Skimfos the Consumed – The rest of his kit is a bit of a mystery still but his a2 makes perfect sense for this hard mode Dragon. It will transfer the debuffs back so the Dragon will be sitting in his own Poisons.

Cleansers and Block Debuffs will be great for this Boss as long as you get the stats!

Tainted Kylssus – Hard Mode Ice Golem


They’ve made Ice Golem immune to Poison, this is massive because before you could get the boss down a level using poisons and it wouldn’t enable to return smack! Now we need to figure out a new strategy to get past this factor.

So a big part of countering this is placing a Block Revive on the side ads so they don’t come back to life and smack you all over again!

Fenax – His a1 is a Block Revive therefore you just need this ability to hit the side ads to prevent them getting up again. It also hits pretty hard!

Teodor – Activating HP Burn may be a suitable strat for you so he comes in clutch.

Geomancer – As most if not every boss you may see a Geo in a team comp! Having the HP Burn up could be another strat and he just does it so well and you can play off it!

Tainted Pyro – Hard Mode Fire Knight


Tainted pyro is looking like a beast to deal with and we predict that this will be the hardest boss for us to overcome! Let’s have a look at what he is going to do! The Fire Knight will not be Turn Meter Controlled anymore so we are going to need a new start to down this boss!

Having Revenge Accessories in your team could help reduce the shield!

We are liking going to need a reflect damage champ, Counterattacker.

Woad-Painted – As much as it pains me to say it Woad-Painted may become Fire Knight meta as she has a team Reflect Damage plus a nice heal which could come in clutch to boost your HP levels.

Geomancer/ Underpriest Brogni – Both have a chance to reflect a hit so both great ways to drop the Fire Knights shield. Once again Geo joins the party! Brogni gives you a crazy shield though so he may be more sought after.

Freeze is the new turn meter drop, and as such, we’ll be looking to invest in Champions such as Gory and Yakarl will likely become key components to many players’ teams.

Tainted Skavag – Hard Mode Spider


From what we can see the spider doesn’t change much just harder levels of resistance and HP.

You can’t drop its Turn Meter like before so someone like a Coldheart won’t use her ability to full effect. Also the Spider will heal 1% each time a spiderling is burned but still take the 3% Damage… It just seems to drag out the fight a bit longer.

Same as normal spider through HP Burns and Enemy MAX HP are still going to be reliable strats to get you through this boss. You can’t burn the main spider so it’ll need to be a Debuff spread to get the damage out across the board.

Crypt King – He may join your spider team with his HP Burn and Freeze.

Any enemy MAX HP champs such as Royal Guard, Husk and Coldheart she still is good but just no turn meter reduction.

Love at first sight – Venus and Cupidus would do well here with Venus able to Decrease DEF and Weaken then Cupidus smacking the boss it will be a great partnership if you can get it online.

AOE Becomes a very viable method now, so champions with strong AOE abilities on low cooldowns/that can cycle through abilities quickly could be key to taking down this boss, we’ve also seen some fun methods using Trunda, which could enable a super fast speed run for you by utilizing her A2!


Anymore Champs that you can think of? Let us know below!



  1. Barbarianwargod March 9, 2023 at 6:01 pm

    I can verify that Trunda is really good for hard spider. 42 second runs on level 10.
    For Hard Ice Golem, Ninja is the best I have found to run so far.

    • Schinderdiv March 10, 2023 at 1:17 am

      Yeah, I agree with Trunda. I had to use Lady Kimi to increase the speed of my team, Lydia for decrease defense/weaken, Acrizia and Trunda to nuke, Kymar to reset. Takes 32 seconds on 10.

  2. Shane Niswander March 9, 2023 at 11:44 pm

    Seer absolutely nukes the spider

  3. Unrealangel March 11, 2023 at 7:09 am

    Lydia, Theo, Mithrala, Acriza and Valkyrie for Backup…. 14 seconds on Spider Hard 10

  4. lordbayron March 13, 2023 at 1:06 am

    So no one will mention Sanguinia ey? debuff transfer+cleanse+block debuffs+heal is it enough or is she not worthy to be in the article for the dragon yet? xD

  5. Justin Zerba March 18, 2023 at 4:04 am

    Akemtum for spider.

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