Halloween Events
Published On: October 16, 2023

Halloween Events – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has released a whole host of Special Events for Halloween, starting today we’ll have the chance to earn some amazing rewards over the next 3 weeks.

Let’s dive in and have a look at all of the currently available events that are starting today/in the next couple of days.

Halloween Titan Event:

Plarium’s Titan Event for Halloween will see us pick up massive rewards along the way, whilst completing all of the other Halloween Events over the next 3 weeks, some of these rewards include:

Halloween Hero’s Path:

Tomorrow launches a Heroes Path Event, which by the looks of it will contain Void Shards at the very least, however, you can expect this to also include some Legendary Skill Tomes – and maybe another exclusive Avatar.

We will find out exactly what the Heroes Path will consist of, as well as how to earn the points for it!

Halloween Drop Fever:

Throughout the Fire Knight Tournament, there is also a 3x Chance to obtain Savage Gear whilst you are farming your runs for the Turn Chase Tournament.

This is a great incentive for players to dive into this event whilst also completing the Dungeon Divers, and picking some new gear up for their nukers!

Halloween Extra Legendary:

Hey folks!

On Tuesday, October 17th, we’re planning to launch Extra Legendary event for Ancient Shards

You’re already familiar with the mechanics, if you summon a Legendary Champion from an Ancient Shard during this event, you’ll get a different, extra one from that same Shard. It works only once per user per event.

You won’t be charged Silver for the Extra Summon. However, keep in mind, that the Extra Champion won’t be counted towards Quests, Events, or Tournaments.

Themed Dungeon Divers:

Halloween Offer:

Demonspawn Turn Attack:

Let us know what you think about the Halloween Events in the comments!

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