Published On: January 25, 2022
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Hellhades’ Top Tips – 2022 Raid Shadow Legends

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Hellhades has put together a list of top tips for 2022 in Raid Shadow Legends, not all of these will apply to you – however, there’s a bit of something for everyone in this list, and a lot for newer players.

In the coming weeks, we will be diving deeper into these categories to ensure that there is content covering them to help you as you progress through Raid Shadow Legends.

You can find part 2 here. 

  1. Max your starter champion
    Maxing your Starter in Raid is SO important, they will carry you through every aspect of the early game, of course, there are dominant Champions in the starter options, which you can find out more about here. But regardless of who you pick – your number 1 priority at the start of the game is rushing them to level 60, ascended, fully skilled, and finally – Masteries!
  2. Get More 60’s 
    In the early stages of Raid, we commonly see people hitting a brick wall, and getting stuck on content that others are able to clear, however usually in these cases their Champion Rosters are rather undeveloped, they’ve not invested in many Champions outside of their starter OR overinvested with having tons of level 40s/50s. The power scaling from a Champion being level 60 is severely misunderstood by many, and having masteries alone will carry you through a very large amount of content.
  3. Understand Accuracy
    Accuracy is THE most important stat in Raid Shadow Legends, for anybody who has debuffs for the enemy team in their kit. The reason for this is Accuracy is how we place these debuffs, we need minimum amounts of accuracy to counter the enemy’s resistance. To check how much you’re looking for on specific stages check our Raid Stages Tool here.
  4. Difference between places and AOE hit chance debuffs
    There’s a very big difference on how debuffs work, based on the wording of their Ability. Some Champions you may notice Place a debuff, rather than hitting with a chance to place – Those who require a hit will be limited if they weak hit, and the debuff will not land – this can end up with you failing a run due to not having the relevant debuffs on the enemies.
  5. Speed min 170 speed for early game
    Aside from Accuracy, Speed is undoubtedly the most important Stat in Raid Shadow Legends – and this stems across ALL Champions, not just ones who place debuffs. It’s so important that we make sure we are going fast enough with our Champions to go before enemies, and being able to cycle our way through our abilities to take on the content we’re attempting.
    170 Speed is a great point to aim for, as it will allow you to go 1-1 with Clan Bosses up till Nightmare Difficulty, but also allow you to keep up with Dungeon waves and bosses.
  6. Speed boots
    As per the point above, SPEED IS KEY! The best way to ensure you’re getting the Speed you need is wearing Speed boots on every single one of your Champions, these don’t have to be fancy Epic/Legendary – you can so easily farm 5-6* Speed boots for desired sets in Campaign on Stage 6 of the relevant area (6-6 for Speed set, Speed boots!) While developing your account this should be a priority for you along with leveling food – and thankfully, they go hand in hand!
  7. Use the market to find good gear (early game)
    The market can be a great resource for finding gear while you’re early game, especially Speed gear with Speed substats! Keep a close eye on it while you’re in-game (Do NOT use gems to refresh actively hunting for gear, but keep your eyes peeled!) Doing this hourly will help you stock up some gear and further boost your progress in all areas of the game. There are some real gems hiding in there occasionally.
  8. Artifacts and Accessories
    A really important part of Raid is knowing HOW to build Champions, and what sets you’re looking for, as well as Stats. In the early game, sets like Lifesteal are really dominant due to them helping your Champions survive, but also sets such as Speed, Accuracy, Perception really help you to boost your stats to the required amounts. Lifesteal gear gains a ton of value with T6 Masteries Warmaster or Giant Slayer as the healing received when they trigger is huge!
  9. Don’t waste silver!
    Silver is the most sought-after resource in Raid, due to the high cost of upgrading gear, expanding Champion storage, and well.. basically everything in this game costs Silver. It’s important to learn early how to judge if an item is worth investing silver in, or if it’s not – as wasted silver will really hurt you in the long run. Check here for how to not waste silver.
  10. How to farm Silver!
    As mentioned above, Silver is INCREDIBLY important in Raid, it’s important that you are aware of how to best farm it so that you can keep your Silver at a healthy level, check here for the best ways to farm silver.
  11. The Forge!
    The Forge unlocks at level 30 and is one of the BEST sources of gear, and Silver in the game, not only do you get some materials to craft gear at the point that you unlock the forge – you also collect these from areas of the game such as Faction Wars and Doom Tower. These allow you access to some of the best sets in the game. Do NOT sleep on the Forge.
  12. Gear sets
    While gear sets are incredibly useful to make up stats that you require, you need to remember STATS > SETS – However, while you’re building with a set, it’s important to know how they work – If a set gives you a % of a stat, for example, Speed set, this is calculated from your BASE stats, not your total stats. A set such as Accuracy that gives +40 Accuracy, is a flat value added to your Champion.
  13. Lifesteal vs regen vs shield
    When looking for the best set to keep your Champions alive there are a few things to consider.
    1) How much damage do you do? If your Champion puts out plenty of damage/has Warmaster or Giant Slayer then Lifesteal is a great option for you.
    2) If you do not do a lot of damage, regeneration gear is the way to go, as you will heal for each turn you take.
    3) Shield set, this can be super valuable helping you survive the early turns as it will give you a shield for 3 turns.
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Add stoneskin to the gearlist, and to the buff list. Also, just revisit and update some of the pages.

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Yes bro you need update in some contents. Thanks a lot.