Published On: January 18, 2022
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Why Kael remains the best starter in 2022

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This has always been a great topic of discussion, especially for newer players who come into the game with little to no outside influence from other sources, and often end up in players making the “wrong” decision.

While strictly speaking, there is no WRONG answer, there is definitely a right answer to help speed up your progress at the start.

Each and every one of the starting Champions is capable of helping you progress through Campaign, and all early areas of the game – However Kael brings one thing the others don’t – poisons.

Poison Debuffs are the bread and butter of providing your team with damage against Clan Boss and the Dragon Dungeon which will be an important source of gear for you going forwards.


Who are the other starters and what do they bring?

Elhain – High Elves – Strong AOE Damage

Athel – The Sacred Order – Self buff, [Weaken] on A1

Galek – Orcs – 4 Hit random [Decrease DEF]

As mentioned above, these are all very viable options, but sadly in terms of progression, they don’t quite come close to Kael as you get slightly further.

In the long run, Elhain actually does outshine as both an Arena Nuker, and in the late stages of the game she excels in some of the very specific Hard Doom Tower – Secret Rooms.


What point does Kael get replaced?

Kael will fizzle out of your teams, most noticeably when you get yourself a more reliable poisoner he will drop from your Clan Boss and/or Dragon Teams, which means you’ll be able to build him in a more offensive build, with higher damaging stats to help you clear waves and Arena.


Two of the common replacements for Kael’s poisons in the early game:

Frozen Banshee
Occult Brawler

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