Published On: January 26, 2022
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Hellhades’ Top Tips – 2022 Raid Shadow Legends

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Here is part 2 of Raid’s Top Tips by Hellhades, you can find Part 1 here.

Hellhades has put together a list of top tips for 2022 in Raid Shadow Legends, not all of these will apply to you – however, there’s a bit of something for everyone in this list, and a lot for newer players.

In the coming weeks, we will be diving deeper into these categories to ensure that there is content covering them to help you as you progress through Raid Shadow Legends.

  1. Aura vs Skills – How they work
    Auras and Skills that increase your stats all work on your total stat at the time of the buff, Aura’s that are active from your leader slot will boost your stats based on the amount when entering the run. However, buffs will boost your stats based on your stat at the time the buff is placed, this will also account for anything you’re gaining from auras.
  2. Player Power 
    Player Power is a largely redundant system for a large portion of Raid, as it doesn’t show you true power, certain stats can inflate Player Power such as Resistance and Critical Rate, this can often mean when looking at Arena lists (especially in the early game) you may be able to take on teams with MUCH higher player power as long as your team is built well, these teams may not be speed tuned, however, if yours is – you’ll be able to either go first or cut in and win. Of course, there’s a limit with this, an insanely high player power likely means the enemy team has a lot of resistance which will make it hard for you to land debuffs on them.
    Just because these stats give you high Player Power, it does not mean you should be pushing for them – The key focus for your gearing should be following the ASDD template.
    – Accuracy
    – Speed
    – Defensive Stats
    – Damage
    Of course, not all Champions need these, so it’s situational, for example, Champions who do not need Accuracy would skip step 1, Champions used in Unkillable Clan Boss can skill Step 3 – but these foundations are considered in every single Champion Build.
  3. Books – DONT WASTE THEM! 
    Books are one of the hardest to come by resources in Raid, unless you’re happy to drop large sums of money to buy them. Be careful with your book, only ever use books relative to the specific rarity, ie – Rare books for rare Champions, Epic books for Epic Champions and Of course, Legendary books for Legendary Champions.
    When booking your Champions, make sure they NEED to be booked for the specific use you’re using, for example, the key thing to focus on is debuff percentages and Cooldowns – extra damage can be acquired another time while you’re short on books.
  4. Do your dailies!
    It’s so important that you complete your Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests in Raid as they give you a ton of FREE resources (and who doesn’t love free stuff?!) Since Raid’s removal of the daily login Sacred Shard, they have become increasingly hard to get our hands on – the 30-day monthly quest is one of the only guaranteed ways to get your hands on one each month regardless of where you are in the game.
    Another thing you must make sure to complete is Advanced quests – much like Sacred Shards, Legendary Books and Chickens are SO valuable and guarantee your account progression as opposed to Shards that could give you just another 4* Chicken.
    Making the most of all possible free resources in this game is ever so important to sustaining your play without having to invest.
  5. Masteries 
    Masteries make a massive difference to every build, but don’t just throw them on randomly, think carefully about where you’re using the Champions and whether they’d benefit from an offensive tree to pick up Warmaster/Giant Slayer or whether they’re a nuker and Helmsmasher/Flawless could be better for your situation (for example, Arena) Of course, not all Champions need or even want Offensive masteries, and there’s a ton of options in the Defense and Support Trees, so pick carefully – remember every single Champion Page on our website has various sets of masteries built out ready for you to check (in the event one is missing, or you have an idea that would be better than what we’ve shown – please let us know, after all.. we are only human!)
  6. Free Champions
    While playing Raid you will pick up several Free Champions – these are from Login Rewards, Progress Missions and Doom Tower. Some of them are absolutely incredible and should not be slept on.Login Rewards: 
    High Khatun – Early game speed lead for Arena, and helpful in all Dungeons.
    Dark Elhain – Can be useful for Ice Golem, Arena vs Freeze Champions and Astranyx the Dark Fae. 
    Scyl of the Drakes – This Champion is ENDGAME viable, she is absolutely incredible, and so many people don’t realise that!
    Ghrush the Mangler – Ghrush is an amazing support for many accounts, providing great AOE healing, along with important debuffs. He can really help  in FW and Clan Boss for many players.
    Visix the Unbowed – Visix used to be the laughing stock of Raid, but after her semi-recent buff she became absolutely incredible, especially for progression. She brings AOE Provoke, AOE Decrease Speed along with great Turn Meter control on the A1.

    Doom Tower: 
    Archmage Hellmut – Archmage is arguably far too good to be an epic, he brings incredibly valuable buffs for your team, as well as insanely strong AOE control.
    Akoth the Seared – Akoth is a free, accessible AOE HP Burn Champion, which we love to see!
    Rian the Conjurer – For those of you who don’t have a way of stripping enemy buffs, look no further – Rian can do it, as well as placing AOE Weaken on the enemy team.
    Dark Kael – Just like his counterpart, Dark Kael is a phenomenal Champion, he places strong poisons, and activates them to boost damage, as well as having AOE Decrease ATK, and reduces enemies Critical Rate – which means PVE Enemies cannot critically hit you.
    Urost the Soulcage – Urost is a lot harder to get, but when you do he will single-handedly clear the Scarab King for you, as well as being a very strong Ally Protection Champion.

    Missions/In-Game shops:
    Arbiter – Continued below
    Drexthar Bloodtwin – Drexthar can be purchased from the 3v3 Bazaar, it will take 100 days to get him if you buy his Fragments Daily, which is entirely possible if you use all of your daily 3v3 tokens (we advise setting a low defence so you are able to farm easy wins!)
    Yannica – Just like Drexthar, Yannica is bought from an in-game shop by collecting her Fragments – this time it’s from the Guild Shop, if you ensure you’re completing your weekly quests for the Clan, you’ll be able to gather Yannica over several months, she’s a great nuker for Arena, but also great on Hydra!

  7. Arbiter missions
    Arbiter is the bread and butter of most arena teams, she gives you a 30% Speed Aura for the arena, a Turn Meter boost for your whole team AND an Increased ATK buff – But also has an AOE revive and AOE Decrease Enemy Buff Duration. You should be pushing through the progress missions in-game to get yourself Arbiter as soon as possible, this can and will take a long time, but when you’ve done it, you will not regret the time spent doing so.
  8. Gems (=energy)
    There are a few exceptions here, but as a rule of thumb, you should be saving all of your gems and using them as a source of energy. Gem mine is one of the exceptions – you should be using gems initially to upgrade this to provide you with a permanent, passive income of gems. Use your first 800 gems you acquire for your starter champion, after that farm masteries in Minotaur. The in-game purchasable pack called  Daily gem pack is the best thing you can buy in terms of value.
  9. Don’t be afraid to manual! 
    While you’re trying to progress, there is absolutely no harm in manually doing it, the biggest benefit to manually playing is you are able to slow things down between waves, by using your A1(Default) ability to ensure that your cooldowns are back up and ready for the next wave, allowing you to repeat your actions and get through it! This is a big one, especially in areas like Faction Wars, Doom Tower and Dungeons that are a bad affinity for you – it may be the difference between you completing it or not.
  10. Turn order.
    Arena and CB ally attack: These work based on team order, and you will attack in relation to that, the leader will attack first, followed by 2nd, 3rd and so on. Counterattack works the same here as Ally Attack here.  The reason these are important to know is when you’re placing your team into order, you should make sure you’re prioritising Champions who could place vital debuffs (Decrease DEF/Weaken) with their A1 higher in the order so they can make sure it’s active for your other Champions hits.
    Enemy AOE Damage also works this way, your leader will be hit first, then followed by the rest of your team in order (despite it showing at the same time in-game.) We can use this to our advantage with Champions who have a passive skill such as Seeker, where he is hit with a critical hit he will place 60% Increase DEF on your whole team, if he is in the leader spot, this buff will actually trigger before the other Champions damage taken is registered, thus being reduced.
  11. Save your Fragment Champions for Champion Chase Tournaments 
    This one is incredibly useful to help you complete events, ESPECIALLY Fusion/Fragment events, if you hold your fragmented Champions and collect them during this time you’ll get free points towards these Tournaments. It’s very important to note however, this ONLY works with Fragment Collector type Champions – DO NOT Save Fusions, for this reason, you will miss out on them!
  12. Save your resources for Fusions
    It’s very important to go for Fusions if you have the resources, and saving them will help ensure you do – Collect your energy from daily logins and leave it in your mail as it lasts 99 days.
    Shards should be saved for x2 Events OR Fusion Summon events along with Fragment Champions.
    Save your silver for Artifact Enhancement Events.
    Save Upgrading Champions for Training Events/Tournaments.We have a more detailed guide here.
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