Is Ninja still in Raid: Shadow Legends

Published On: April 8, 2022

Is Ninja still in Raid: Shadow Legends


On 16th July 2021 Plarium began a huge partnership and in-game event with Tylar ‘Ninja’ Blevins, welcoming him into Raid: Shadow Legends as a playable character.

He was available for FREE to all players who logged into the game from July 16th till October 15th, all you had to do was login for 7 separate days to complete the ‘Ninja Hunt’ event which also awarded some artifacts along the way! It was as simple as that, open the game.

Ninja was the second Champion to be released based on another streamer/content creator, behind Saito, and was the predecessor to Aleksandr the Sharpshooter.

Is Ninja good?

Ninja as a champion is phenomenal, he slots into so many teams, especially for those who were new players at the time of his release, he was a true carry in all areas, whether it be a strong damage-dealing boss killer or a control Champion.

On auto, Ninja will favor his A2 instead of his A3 which is fine in many situations, but in the event that you would like him using his A3 first, you will need to set this up in the AI control settings of the Team Presets section.

Ninja has a strong A2 for killing bosses whilst also providing some AoE control for waves. With a good A1 decrease defense, and an A2 that can place and activate HP Burn multiple times plus a hard-hitting A3 that also reduces the Cooldown of A2, he is great for Clan Boss, Dungeon bosses, and Doom Tower Bosses (if you can keep him alive).

Ninjas passive is where things got really interesting, however, as it brought a completely new mechanic to the game. He can increase his attack by 10% up to 100% and his critical damage by 5% up to 25% each time he hits an enemy with all 3 of his skills, making him increasingly good on long drawn fights such as Clan Boss.

Is Ninja still available?

Due to this being a limited-time event, unfortunately for many – you can no longer obtain Ninja, he is not available to be summoned from any type of Shard. This is a huge loss for players starting out the game as they don’t have the advantage that he brought, but also a huge shame as you get later into the game and for returning players who missed out on him because he can be so impactful on nearly any account, featuring in some amazing unkillable clan boss teams as well as Doom Tower speed teams for some of the harder bosses.

We hope that one-day Plarium will create a way for Ninja to be available to all once again, whether that be through a permanent fusion like the Rhazin Scarhide one, or through fragments that can be purchased from one of the various shops in the game.

If you can’t pull him, how do people empower Ninja?

This is a question we commonly see, as not everyone is aware of how Champion Empowerments work, for the Champions who are not available from shard pulls – they are nominated another from their faction as their empowerment replacement, in Ninja’s case, this is Nobel – any copies of Nobel will be considered as Ninja when you enter the empowerment screen and select Ninja – so don’t worry, he CAN still be turbocharged!

We love events like this and hope there will be many more in the future where we can get our hands on free Champions like this, but who do you think would be a good fit in the future? Let us know your ideas below!



  1. InBetweenTheShadows April 8, 2022 at 7:46 pm

    It’s a real shame that he is not available anymore. I started just under 2 weeks ago and I see him on almost every arena team right now in silver. When geared up he wrecks me, and even when he’s not he’s still a force to reckon with.

  2. courier11sec April 10, 2022 at 7:31 am

    I think plarium should add exclusive champions like ninja, saito, alexandr into the shard pool after a certain period of time. Maybe a year. I had a Nobel and was able to empower mine. Two days later they buffed Nobel, though it doesn’t seem like it was much of a buff, so no regrets.

  3. ZodanPyraxis April 10, 2022 at 10:15 pm

    Or an even better plan.

    Take out of these craptacular legos they think are worth more than sacred shards in the daily logins at 270+ and put Ninja in there. And Saito. And Alexsuxxors.

  4. Ghost_QC April 20, 2022 at 3:07 pm

    I find it really frustrating that it aint available anymore. They did that event during the pendemic and I missed the event because I was working shifts after shifts to take care of the people who had the COVID-19. Now that it is a bit more stable in the hospitals, I can have more time to enjoy the game and I see that Ninja on every team…

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