Published On: May 21, 2021
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One “Epic” team to beat them all…

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Can this team beat every dungeon stage 20? Yes! Can it beat every dungeon stage 25? Maybe, with the right gear. It’s not going to be the fastest runs you will ever see, but it will get the job done! For this article, we are focusing on stage 20.

The key to this team composition is synergy. Individual champion power is not important, it’s more about how the team works together, which is true in all aspects of the game, even in the Arena!

First up is; Mordecai, the Epic champion from the Sacred Order Faction.

Mordecai is the newest released champion on this team, he will help when you are running the spider dungeons in particular as his A3 has a 75% (100% when booked) chance to place HP burns on all enemies for 2 turns. He brings some turn meter boost and decreases the turn meter on the enemies on his A1 and A2.

He also brings an accuracy aura of 40 which can be big for this team. Make sure you put plenty of accuracy, speed, and survivability on him so he can keep landing the HP burn.

The next champion for the team is Aox the Rememberer from the Lizardmen Faction.

Aox the Rememberer brings an AOE decrease attack on the A3 which is very important when facing the Ice Golem to reduce the damage received from his big slams. He has a small heal for your team on his A2 that can help them stay alive. He also has poisons on his A1 for the Dragon. is helping this composition in several ways and is essential for your team. Try to build him with plenty of speed, accuracy, and resistance as he will be the negative affinity tank for the Spider dungeon.

Next up is Vogoth; the Epic champion from the Undead Hordes Faction.

Vogoth will be the main healer and crowd control champion in this team. I suggest you put him in a shield set for that initial burst of protection for your team. Vogoth brings AOE Provoke, meaning every time he is attacked his passive ability of healing along with placing a Leech debuff will come into effect.

The fourth member of the team is Alure from the Demonspawn Faction.

Alure is a Fire Knight specialist all because of her triple hit A1 which also decreases the turn meter of the enemy. Not only that, she has an AOE small decrease defence and sleep on her A2 for further crowd control for all of the waves and her A3 hits hard

The last champion for this team that “can beat them all” is the High Elves’ very own rare champion that should have legendary status;  Apothecary!

Apothecary is going to be the legs of this team. He will bring the speed and the big boy heal on his A2. He is the perfect support champion for your team at any level.

If you would like to see this team in action click on the video below and see it happening

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[mepr-hide rules="18139"]
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2 years ago

I have all of them but Alure. What would be a good replacement for her?