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Published On: June 16, 2023
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Raid Digest (16.06.23)


Plarium has just posted their bi-weekly Raid Digest update, letting us know about all things Raid, fixes to bugs and changes to content…

Sylvan Watchers are nearing their own Faction Wars so make sure you clear and collect Lydia before it is too late! She is massive for your account and is definitely one to build and have a proper look at. It’s time to start looking at new Sylvan Watcher teams, we will post some teams in the days to come!

Along with this there are a few Blessings and Gear changes coming into play. So they have previously mentioned that Polymorph requires Accuracy apart from the 6th star awakening but they claim that is not all!

Alongside this Quintus the Triumphant has some bug fixes with an interaction with Ultimate Deathknight

Let’s see what Plarium have to say about the upcoming patch…


PvP Rebalance: Polymorph and Stone Skin

“We constantly monitor players’ experience in PvP modes and intend to bring a greater tactical variety to Arena battles, as well as make them unfold at a more brisk and dynamic pace so that it becomes harder to build a very sturdy team that takes ages to defeat.

Earlier, we mentioned the first step on that path – Polymorph will start requiring ACC on all but the 6th Blessing level. But that’s only the beginning, and here are some other changes on our agenda:

The Deflection set and the Passive part of the Yumeko’s A2 will be able to return the Sheep debuff back the same way they return other debuffs. Yes, even on the 6th level of Polymorph; The Stone Skin will no longer remove or protect from getting the HP burn debuff. Moreover, the HP burn will deal 5x damage to Champions under Stone Skin. A quick reminder here is that the Incinerate Blessing can make that impact even more tangible.

All the mentioned changes will appear in the game together, along with the free Blessings reset.”

Quintus the Triumphant

“We are happy to see this gladiator arrive in some players’ collections. However, we’ve also noticed that Ultimate Deathknight might redirect to himself both the primary and the extra hit from Quintus’s A1 due to his Passive skill “Too Awesome to Die.” Well, the UDK’s awesomeness should have some reasonable limitations, and starting from the next major update, it will redirect only the first of the Quintus’s A1 hits, just as it should with multi-hit abilities.”

Clan vs. Clan Tournament and Personal Rewards

“Personal rewards will be granted to those Clans who win the next instalment of the CvC Tournament, so make sure your Clan is fit for the fight.

That’s all for today. Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll catch you in two weeks’ time!”

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11 months ago

Stone skin nerf seems decent. They’re finally trying to make HP burn a viable option within Arena which is cool.

11 months ago
Reply to  LordLoveMuscle

I don’t get the point about that HP Burn thing in Arena… 5x damage from HP burn is 15% of the target’s max HP instead of 3%. So instead of staying at 100% HP, the wearer of a stoneskin set will now drop to 85% before he can take his turn. Even if all other Champions of that team go before him, he will take his turn at 40% HP. That’s still useless.