Published On: January 9, 2023

Raid Shadow Legends Titan Events! Plarium Anniversary!


Titan Events have officially started, and will be carried out over the next 12 weeks, giving players the chance to compete in various events throughout this timeframe, whilst earning Milestone Rewards along the way, which include Avatars, Shards, Soulstones Books and much more!

Today we’re going to have a look at what the rewards for this event look like, and how it works!


Plarium’s Announcement

4th Anniversary Titan Event:
Earn Anniversary Points to get valuable Rewards!

Preparations for the 4th Raid Anniversary have already begun, and we are proud to bring you a brand new type of Event for you to get your teeth stuck into!

Introducing the 4th Anniversary Titan Event – a marathon Event with plenty of awesome Rewards. Within this Titan Event, the Rewards are divided into Milestones. To progress through each Milestone, you need to earn Anniversary Points. Earning Anniversary Points will let you unlock Rewards within each Milestone, with you progressing along a track until you reach the super valuable Reward at the end of a Milestone. Once a Milestone is complete, you can move on to the next one for even more awesome Rewards! This is a massive event, so pace yourself and use your resources wisely.

You can earn Anniversary Points by taking part in clearly marked Events and Tournaments with the special “4th Anniversary” label. Earning Anniversary Points is similar to earning other Rewards like Gems or Shards in Events and Tournaments. The more Anniversary Points you earn as rewards from Events and Tournaments, the more rewards you can get in the 4th Anniversary Titan Event.

The theme of this year’s Anniversary in Raid is our four iconic starting Champions: Galek, Kael, Athel, and Elhain. These four brave warriors have been with us since the very beginning, and have many more legendary journeys to embark upon. Maybe this year they will find their purpose and discover their Supreme powers. To celebrate them as part of the 4th Anniversary Titan Event, we’re launching 4 different Hero’s Path Events dedicated to each one of them. Each of these Events will also have Anniversary Points among the Rewards.

The first of these Hero’s Path Events – Elhain’s Path – is starting today! Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on some awesome Rewards, including Anniversary Points.

Embark upon each Champion’s journey and see what surprises lie in store! Earn precious Anniversary Points along the way; who knows what amazing Rewards await you?


Titan Event Rewards:

The Titan Event consists of 5 Milestone Brackets, each containing a further 10 rewards, completing these will unlock the next tier of rewards, and so on.

Milestone 1:

500 Points – 100,000 Silver
1,000 Points – 1 Day 100% XP Boost
1,500 Points – Special Athel Avatar
2,000 Points – Rank 3 Chicken
2,500 Points – Bronze Chest
3,000 Points – 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
3,500 Points – Rare Skill Tome
4,000 Points – 1 Ancient Shard
4,500 Points – 100 Gems
5,500 Points – 1 Void Shard

Bronze Chest may contain the following:

  • 75K – 175K Silver
  • 15-50 Gems
  • 10 Corehammers
  • 500 Mortal Soul Coin
  • 100 Immortal Soul Coin
  • 5 Immortal Soul Essence
  • 10 XP Brews
  • 1 Rare Skill Tome
  • Rank 3 Chicken
  • 1 Ancient Shard

Milestone 2:

6,500 Points – 200,000 Silver
7,500 Points – 20 XP Brew
8,500 Points – Special Elhain Avatar
9,500 Points – 2 Rare Skill Tomes
10,500 Points – Silver Chest
11,500 Points – 1 Mortal Soulstone
12,500 Points – 5* Epic Chaos Ore
13,500 Points – 1 Ancient Shard
14,500 Points – Rank 4 Chicken
16,000 Points – Epic Skill Tome

Silver Chest may contain the following:

  • 40-80 Gems
  • 150K-250K Silver
  • 15 Corehammers
  • 1,200 Mortal Soul Coin
  • 150 Immortal Soul Coin
  • 10 Immortal Soul Essence
  • 1 Rare Skill Tome
  • 20 XP Brews
  • Rank 3 Chicken
  • 1 Ancient Shard
  • Rank 4 Chicken

Milestone 3:

17,500 Points – 300,000 Silver
19,000 Points – 40 XP Brew
20,500 Points – 1 Mortal Soulstone
22,000 Points – 50 Multi Battle Attempts
23,500 Points – Gold Chest
25,000 Points – 3 Day XP booster
26,500 Points – 1 Ancient Shard
28,000 Points – 300 Energy
29,500 Points – 6* Epic Chaos Ore
31,500 Points – Rank 5 Chicken

Gold Chest may contain the following:

  • 50-100 Gems
  • 300 Immortal Soul Coins
  • 15 Immortal Soul Essence
  • 250K-350K Silver
  • 20 Corehammers
  • 1-2 Mortal Soulstone
  • 30 XP Brews
  • 1 Ancient Shard
  • Epic Skill Tome
  • Rank 4 Chicken
  • Rank 5 Chicken

Milestone 4:

33,500 Points – 400K Silver
35,500 Points – 5 Immortal Soul Essence
37,500 Points – Special Kael Avatar
39,500 Points – 3 Day XP Boost
41,500 Points – Platinum Chest
43,500 Points – 200 Gems
45,500 Points – 5* Legendary Chaos Ore
47,500 Points – 10 Immortal Soul Essence
49,500 Points – 5 Mortal Soulstone
52,000 Points – 1 Legendary Skill Tome

Platinum Chest may contain the following:

  • 80-120 Gems
  • 450K Silver
  • 20 Corehammers
  • 20 Immortal Soul Essence
  • 1 Ancient Shard
  • 1 Void Shard
  • 1 Epic Skill Tome
  • 1 Legendary Skill Tome
  • Rank 5 Chicken
  • XP Barrel
  • XP Feast
  • 1-2 Mortal Soulstone
  • 1 Immortal Soulstone

Milestone 5:

54,500 Points – 500,000 Silver
57,000 Points – 3x 50 Multi Battle Attempts
59,500 Points – Special Galek Avatar
62,000 Points – Void Shard
64,500 Points – Diamond Chest
67,000 Points – 500 Energy
69,500 Points – 20 Immortal Soul Essence
72,000 Points – 6* Legendary Chaos Ore
74,500 Points – Immortal Soulstone
77,500 Points – Sacred Shard

Diamond Chest may contain the following:

  • 80-120 Gems
  • 500K-600K Silver
  • 30 Corehammers
  • 25 Immortal Soul Essence
  • 3-7 Mortal Soulstone
  • 1 Void Shard
  • Rank 5 Chicken
  • 1 Immortal Soulstone
  • 1 Legendary Skill Tome
  • 1 XP Barrel
  • 1 XP Feast

Elhain’s Path

The first event that will allow us to earn anniversary points is live, with Elhain’s Path, just like any other Hero’s Path event, the only thing is this one is much smaller than we’re used to.

You’ll be able to earn points from the following:

  • Collecting Artifacts/Accessories
  • Upgrading Artifacts/Accessories

In total, you can acquire 3,000 Anniversary Points from this event, as well as a 3* Awakened Elhain, the resources to upgrade and ascend her, and plenty of other goodies, topped off with 50 Plarium Points!

Realistically this is probably a great event for anyone who has recently started the game and has picked Elhain as their starter – OR even for those who want to pick up an Elhain to work on too!


What do you think about these Titan Events? Let us know in the comments!

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Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson
11 months ago

The titan event seems to have a lot of value for newer players, especially being able to get 3 star ascension for a starter. The points required are not hefty as well, I upgraded a couple small pieces of gear and ran like 10 runs of spider before my account goes on shutdown until the new fragment event and made like 800 points. This is great for new players, but holds very little value for progressed accounts. I see a good chunk of people being incredibly angry because the rewards are weak and saying they wont do it. But honestly, with that new fragment champion event any end game account is gonna want to participate in that instead. This at least gives players that cant accomplish the fragment or fusion events something to do and make a couple extra rewards in the process. I think the titan events could be good if they fit them in on fusion events as a way to help players that can’t accomplish fragment/fusions successfully. It provides some kind of inclusion for them, that’s good in my opinion.

That being said, I am excited that I can finally ascend my Athel. I was farming twins for weeks with no luck on pulls or shop split souls. She’s been stuck at 1 star ascension forever. I finally cycled her out of my teams this week, maybe with some extra stat boosts she can have some value again even if it’s pvp nuking.

11 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Johnson

That’s a really good way of looking at it Dennis. I did not think of it that way myself. I agree it’s nice that this gives newer players who maybe can’t yet do a fusion something to work on while more progressed accounts like mine will be concentrating on the fusion.

11 months ago

With the implementation of this “new” event and the plarium point System there are 2 new currencies added to the game that water down everything else.
In regard to the points required, a newer account can’t accomplish the last milestones of those events without spending money. And if they spend money, looking at the rewards, they’re better off to do so for a good fusion.
Unless the events with the anniversary and the fusion overlap, there is hardly any gain for either a newer or an older account.
Despite that point, I am afraid that especially newer players are getting overwhelmed with everything that you can dump energy on.
Considering that raid obviously is trying to be appealing to new players, they still do a horrible job in guiding this target group.
Rather than implementing more and more trash, they should invest time in their initial mission mode and campaign story..

In the end, I believe not a single player should feel angry with whatever event plarium pushes in raid. Every single one of us has the decision to participate or to skip any event.

Personally, I wished the would push community events more regularly as simple as the dungeons, cb, hydra one they once did where everyone contributed to the global goal. Or the dungeon events with restrictions and therefore better rewards or same rewards with fewer requirements. In the last example they would have plenty of possibilities to mix things up since we got 15 factions. And different rarities of champs.
Since this game is all about building synergies towards different content, this would underline the essence of the game and the fun of building different types of teams within the game. That’s not even a creative approach, rather one that already existed. Anyways, this would at least give the community a better challenge than farming a dungeon for a certain amount of points every other week.

10 months ago

I was as well excited, that I can get 3 star ascension for Elhain. But then I started to think about that.. Awakening for rare champion, 3 starts – man that’s JUST 12x Immortal Soul Essence! Then I turn off the game.

10 months ago

Tbh I don’t really mind this event as much as everybody else. The chests have a chance to have some sweet loot and the avatars are way too good. I need to do this just for that Galek avatar, and if I go there why not get the sacred too? I hate that they replace good stuff with Plarium Play points though, and I wouldn’t have minded if they were more creative (for example you had to use the starter for all the events accosiated with them), but this isn’t absolutely awful for me thanks to the amazing cosmetics.

10 months ago

The main problem with this event are the chests. Since you only get ONE random item out of 10+, a lot of people will end up with trash (500k silver vs an lego book for example) instead of the nice rewards. Plarium should have done it like the chests from CB & Hydra, where you get several items from the pool of rewards instead of just one.

Other than that, it’s a kinda nice event imo.

Paladynka Paladynka
Paladynka Paladynka
10 months ago

TOTAL shit, because we get points in events and these points are in the place where before, for example, sacred shards or blue books were.
If these points were in addition to instead of shards or books, it would be OK, but it’s not, that’s why I said TOTAL shit.
I got my first avatar and maybe I’ll get void shards and that’s it.

10 months ago

as a player who will be entering 4th-year in May zzzzz. Dailing back my spending and starting to play way less. Seems to want you to expend more time/effort for less rewards that are meaningful or even just fun.

10 months ago

it’s okay… the new free players they pull in will give them… zero.. as they bore paying players with trash like this.. already sold off most of my accounts.. don’t need to log into main and accounts i made recent purchases i charged back.. only cop a 2 week ban and was not playing them anyway /shrug.. fuck aristocrats puppet company..