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Published On: December 15, 2020
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Raid Shadow Legends: Who is the best STARTER champion and why?


This question has become quite a common theme amongst the new player community, and everyone has different opinions for various reasons, being ‘not following the meta’ and aesthetic reasons. But we’d like to shine some light on the reasons behind why one particular champion really stands out from the crowd.

When you start the game, after the introduction scene you are given the choice of 4 Magic affinity Rare champions:

Kael – Dark Elves
Elhain – High Elves
Athel – The Sacred Order
Galek – Orcs

All of the starter champions can definitely be of huge help to you in the early game because of their AOE abilities helping to clear waves fast, allowing you to progress through early campaign levels and Dungeons, and can be reliable campaign farmers for a very long time, albeit not the fastest of clearers, later on you will find much better options , but they are all capable of farming stage 12-3 Brutal with the right gearing at level 60.

Let’s take a little dive into them individually:

Athel – Sacred Order
Athel is a great champion, without doubt, she buffs herself on her A3 to increase her damage, and then has the ability to tear through waves with her A2, which also providing the big version of weaken on her A1.

Elhain – High Elves
Elhain is probably the second-best of the starting champions, as she provides 2 AOE Abilities, both hitting rather hard. She provides great use in the arena, as seen in Hellhades’ F2P account. As well as a 2 hit A1 Ability which can be of help in Dungeons such as Fire Knight’s Castle.

Galek – Orcs
While Galek is potentially one of the best looking Starter Champions and is valuable for sure, He, unfortunately, doesn’t compare to the rest. He does bring an AOE Decrease Defense which is hugely useful, but requires 2 or more debuffs on the target already to provide the big version, which can be provided baseline by lots of champions, such as Warmaiden who is easily farmed, Galek’s decrease Defense is also 4 random targets meaning it could fail to land on everyone.

Kael – Dark Elves
Kael, Mr MVP himself, and here’s why – Kael’s A1 Ability provides a weak poison, along his multiple hit A3 bringing the large version of poison. Kael is the only starter champion who is viable in Clan boss for a long period of time, he is outshined later in the game by champions such as Frozen Banshee, Occult Brawler – but before then he is the most obtainable poisoner you can obtain, which is hugely important when pushing Clan boss damage. The poisons Kael brings are also hugely vital for Dragon’s Lair on the boss wave, but also he provides a lot of damage on the waves with his AOE abilities.

His A2 also hits VERY hard and can be used as an arena nuker, incredibly strong for clearing waves in both campaign and Dungeons. 

Summary: Why Kael outshines the rest
It all comes down to viability, Kael is usable in ALL areas of the game with his varied toolkit, he can perform and compete with legendaries in end game teams, he will carry you further than any of the other options and a lot faster. If building for Clan Boss you would need to focus his build on high Defence, the ‘correct’ level of accuracy and speed, whereas for other areas of the game, higher damage builds with 85% Critical Rate, and other damaging stats will be more suited, however, in an early game build, a diverse mix will serve you well in all areas (the starter life-steal gear is a great option here!)

He is very worthy of being a 6 star Champion, and one you will not regret investing time and energy into developing further!

Good luck, and happy Raiding! 

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2 years ago

Hello, IDK where to post this but PLS FIX THIS: Elhains masteries on this site are sort of strange… it seems like she needs a lot of acc to land her… NOTHING! PLS FIX ELHAINS MASTERIES GUIDE!!!