Weekly Recap of Raid Shadow Legends
Published On: January 16, 2024
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RAID Weekly Recap 8


Welcome to our seventh Raid Weekly Recap – Where we will break down all of the happenings in RAID: Shadow Legends from this week!

So sit back, and enjoy this week’s instalment of the Raid Weekly Recap!

RAID Weekly Summary Jan 8 – Jan 14

RAID Shadow Legends had its first event champion of 2024 start on Thursday, Jan 11th. We have a dedicated page for a Zinogre Blademaster Event Guide that will help you prepare for success. Zinogre Blademaster is a very generally useful champion that do a good amount of damage while bringing crucial utility to the team like a full team [Increase Speed] buff.

Community polling on ChoseN’s YouTube Channel shows that initial first impression grades of Zinogre Blademaster are A-.

HH Gaming Free 2 Play

HH Gaming F2P 2024

The HH Gaming Free to Play Competition for 2024 has officially started this week! HellHades hosted a content creator live stream to kick off the competition and draft all of the teams that you can view HERE. This competition is not only open to content creators who are part of drafted teams, but also to anyone in the community who would like to start an account as well!

Champion Rebalance

In the official RAID Shadow Legends Discord Server, Plarium announced that 2 different Void legendary champions will be getting a rebalance coming soon. Fortus and Angar, which are viewed as some of the most underwhelming Void legendary champions, will most likely be receiving some buffs to help bring them up into viability.

New Login Legendary

Many players in the RAID Shadow Legends community will be getting their hands on the new free login legendary champion, Rathalos Blademaster. He is a very solid damage dealer who can do a lot of damage to bosses, especially if they are under an [HP Burn] debuff. His current grade on the HH Gaming Tier List is 4.5.

If you’re going to be building your Rathalos, HellHades has THIS VIDEO discussing the building process.

Plarium also released a Rathalos Blademaster champion spotlight video on their official YouTube channel that you can view HERE.

Clan vs Clan Tournament

There will be a Clan vs Clan match this week, but it will NOT feature personal rewards. We have a Clan vs Clan Calculator tool if you would like to plan for your next match!

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