Published On: January 2, 2023

Ronda vs Kael – RSL Championship Brawl


Ronda Vs Kael in a championship Fight! Who will win the Belt for best starter champion in Raid: Shadow Legends! For any newer players that are joining us or if you are wanting to play along with our 2023toplay series in January, you are going to want to know who is better between the starter champions. Will the Legendary Champion Ronda prevail or will the underdog rare champion Kael come out on top, read on to see the commentator’s notes in this explosive fight!


Round 1 – Early Game

For this Early game fight Kael is booked because rare skill tomes are easier to come by but Legendary ones are like gold dust so we’re trying to be as realistic as possible for this fight! The Builds will be a fair fight so they will be equal and masteries basically the same apart from you take Warmaster instead of Giant slayer for Kael.

We’ve taken them to the campaign to show their strength as a solo campaign farmer, we will be judging on speed and efficiency. Ronda will go first – 13-14 seconds clear with a couple of weak hits but she went flying through this stage. Now it’s time for Kael, the Underdog in this fight. Kael brings in a time of 10-14 seconds! Judges will take this into consideration when we cast our final vote!

Round 2 – Clan Boss

Same build as before and we will see who comes out on top in round 2! We will base this round on damage done. Both of the contendors are in the same team alongside Skullcrusher, Toragi and Ghrush. Kael will bring the poison damage and let that tick away along with his Warmaster procks. Whereas Ronda will throw her punches to see if she can KO the Clan Boss!

We have the results here: In the RED CORNER Ronda Damage output – 2,733,976 and in the BLUE CORNER Kael Damage Output – 4,867,722. Therefore the winner for Round 2 is KAEL!!!!!

Final Round – Arena

The Area of the game most players will look to see champions battle it out! Ronda will set up first. Now Ronda will get some bonus points here because she counters Ultimate Deathknight so hard with her lockout ability! So we will have to bear that in mind when we make our final judgments. She sets up and does well drops the team she was facing but they had annoying unkillable buffs up! However, she did well and dropped the other two contenders.

Now lets see what Kael can bring to the fight! It is not enough to drop the opponents! The Crowd are shocked by his performance expecting better from him there but Ronda comes out on top of the Arena fight and as a WWE Wrestler we can conclude she is here to fight!


This brings our total scores in:

Round 1 was a Draw

Round 2 went to Kael

Round 3 goes to Ronda

The deciding vote goes to Hellhades – “It’s Kinda even, It’s very very close but me personally I have to go Kael!

HH has spoken and Kael has won the belt! Congratz on the Championship Kael and we will see you next time in the Raid: Shadow Legends Championship Brawl!



  1. Schinderdiv January 2, 2023 at 10:40 pm

    Haha, this was amusing. Well done ya’ll.

  2. Punted January 3, 2023 at 12:34 am

    As a wrestling fan, I’m glad Kael won. If Ronda had won, eventually they would have had to make a Charlotte Flair champion to come in and take it from her.

  3. Tymelock January 3, 2023 at 8:08 am

    yikes low end gear? ronda does a but ton of damage and kael is a complete joke.. replaced asap by the superior FB.. even as a campaign farmer he is hilarious.. 298 speed prince kymar is my Brutal/NM campaign farmer in arena build :’)

    • Schinderdiv January 4, 2023 at 8:41 am

      This article is clearly meant for newer players to Raid to help them figure out who to focus on. Not sure why you’d farm with Kymar, either.

  4. Solid Snake January 3, 2023 at 9:17 pm

    Mmm…. but what if you take advantage of Ronda’s multiple hits
    to put poisons and poisons everywhere with a Toxic gear set?
    That will leave Kael behind for sure.

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