Published On: April 30, 2021
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Ruel The HuntMaster – Another Dark Elves?


Raid: Shadow Legends have just given us another announcement guys and girls! I know some of you may be exhausted from the recent events and fusions but people we have another one on its way! Ruel The Huntmaster!


Ruel The Huntmaster will join the Dark Elves faction. He will offer a great boost in arena if you can find Thea the Tomb Angel as they will pair side by side and be absolute monsters if you can get the set up correctly! He can also be of benefit in faction wars if you are struggling with Dark Elves. I know the Dark Elves faction is already stacked but what’s one more to the party, the more the merrier they say…

So far what we know about the event is that it will be a champion fragment event which will be released on May 11th. This gives you a little under two weeks to prepare and relax from the last fusion! We haven’t been told whether or not it will be a straight fragment event or if we’ll be hunting epic fragments but as soon as we find out we will post you updates! As always we will post guides to help you through the events when they drop.

Faction – Dark Elves

Rarity – Legendary

Type – Attack

Affinity – Spirit

A1 – Vile Arrows
Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 50% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff for 2 turns.
Transfers a random debuff from this Champion to the target if the target is under a [Hex] debuff..

A2 – Unleash the Hunt
Attacks all enemies. Places an extra hit on enemies under [Hex] debuffs.
Will ignore 25% of each target’s DEF if there are 4 or more enemies are under [Hex] debuffs.
CD – 4

A3 – Stalk Prey
Places a 50% [Increase ACC] buff on allies for 2 turns, then places a [Hex] debuff on all
enemies for 2 turns.
Also places a [Perfect Veil] buff on this Champion for 2 turns and files this Champion’s Turn
Meter by 50%.
CD – 6

A4 – Marked Quarry [P] Decreases the SPD of enemies under [Hex] debuffs by 5% and decreases the RES of those
enemies by 10%.
Also increases the damage enemies under [Hex] debuffs receive by 10% and decreases the
value of heals they receive by 30%.
These effects do not stack if there are multiple [Ruels] on the same team


Ruel the Huntmaster will partner well with Thea the Tombangel because before we couldn’t set Thea up to do the crazy damage that we think she’s capable of. Now we have Ruel who places a two turn hex debuff on all enemies then Thea, who will be speed tuned to go after him, will go and attack all enemies and have her damage boosted by 50% per hex debuff on the enemy champions. Therefore she is guaranteed to have a 200% damage boost from Ruel which could change the whole arena meta!


So that is what we know so far! We are excited for this one and if you have Thea you may be sitting on a gold mine and it could be your ticket to the Platinum rewards in the arena! Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts of Ruel the Hunstmaster are!

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2 years ago

That skin is more like an orc.
Cool kit, but the interesting point for me is what it means for resource management. Every month a fusion needs a different approach to how do we engage with the shards, energy…

2 years ago

Everyone so confused about his skin and saying he should be from another faction lol. Guys he is literally wearing an armor made of spider chitin, the spider being the dark elves symbol it makes a whole lot of sense, remember they are heavily inspired by the drow followers of Lolth from D&D

2 years ago

Really like the skin, but that’s the only thing I like about him.

As mentioned in the video, why do we need another Dark Elf? Also, I really feel like the hex debuff wasn’t thought through when implemented with Thea. First, it did nothing really, now it’s a 4 in 1 debuff with Ruel (plus an activator for skills/damage). I don’t think the game nerds something like this and I’m afraid it will be extremely hard to balance with more “hex champions” in the future.

Also, is it possible to give feedback that the fusion events are too much? I know, we don’t have to do them. Still it feels like your “soon to be ex” tries to cling on and pull you in out of fear of losing you, not realising he/she is pushing you away by taking away air to breath.

2 years ago

Too soon after last fusion