Published On: January 6, 2022

Shadowkin Faction Wars – Imminent!


Plarium announced yesterday, that finally, the long-awaited Shadowkin Crypt will open right after the next update, along with new Milestone rewards for the additional stars that are up for grabs.

This means, that Lydia the Deathsiren will no longer be available till you’ve finished Shadowkin unless you’ve already earned her – for those who have earned her but not yet claimed her, she will automatically be added to your account upon the release of Shadowkin’s Crypt.


What if I’m not able to finish Faction Wars yet?

For those who haven’t yet got Lydia, and are not quite able to finish Faction Wars, it’s going to be time for you to start looking at Shadowkin Teams, thankfully many of us have the great option of Ninja, he will massively help on both waves and bosses with his great damage and control.

Due to the time between Shadowkin’s releasing, and their Crypt finally opening – we are fortunate in the fact that there’s been lots of available Champions, from either Fusions or summon events – including 3 guaranteed ancient shard legendary events for Lady Kimi, Genzin, and Gamuran.


How long do I have left to get Lydia before it opens?

We imagine, that the cut-off will be next week, so time is very very limited, however with our new Team Suggestion tool on the Optimiser it should really help you to pick out teams that have successfully cleared the content with Champions that you have available!

We have also added a 25% Discount to any Faction Wars takeovers from now, until the release of Shadowkin’s Crypt to help any of you who are close but can’t quite get over the final hurdle. Head on over to our takeover Page to book yours while the 25% is active and a member of our team will reach out to you.


Faction Wars 7-Day Cycle: What does this mean?

In the Plarium announcement, they stated the following:

“Important note, the Faction Wars cycle will expand to 7 days.”

This means, unlike currently where we have the occasional day where 3 Factions are open, we will have 2 Factions each day, cycling every 7 days – so each week we will see each Faction once.

Whether or not these will be set days or if they’ll mix it up for some diversity is currently unknown.


Do you have your Lydia? Or are you close to getting her? Let us know in the comments!


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