Published On: May 19, 2023
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Sylvan Watchers Faction Crypt – Coming Soon!


Plarium has dropped the news today that Sylvan Watchers will be getting their Faction Wars Crypt very soon, in fact, at the start of July!

This means a ticking clock has just started for anybody who has not yet completed their Faction Wars and obtained Lydia the Deathsiren!

Now might be a great time to catch up on the Ultimate Guide to Beat Faction Wars.

Sylvan Watchers Faction Wars

Plarium Announcement

Hi everyone! Some long-awaited news for y’all! Sylvan Watchers Crypt is coming to Faction Wars, and it is happening around the start of July, so really soon!
As usual, new milestones will be added to the Completion Rewards, while Lydia the Deathsiren will remain the final reward.

If it happens that you haven’t reached her by the time the Sylvan Watchers Crypt is open, you’ll need to complete a few extra milestones before you can summon her. And if you’ve already got her, you’ll just have a few additional rewards that you can claim by completing the Sylvan Watchers Crypt.

Important note, the Faction Wars cycle will remain the same, 7 days, however, the addition of the new Faction will result in 3 Faction Crypts being open simultaneously once per week, while the remaining six days will have the usual number of 2 open Faction Crypts.

Sylvan Watchers Faction Wars – How to prepare

What this means, is it’s time to begin thinking about who you’re going to use for this, although the options are relatively limited due to only 21 Champions in the Faction at present, hopefully, you’ve got a good selection by now!

A lot of the time in Faction Wars, very little damage is needed, although this depends on which boss you could end up facing, support is the name of the game in Faction Wars progress.

Make sure to bring support into your runs, and control if possible – implementing Stun Sets into your team on any Champions who have AOE abilities, like White-Dryad Nia.

You will need some form of damage, but you can bypass the requirements by making sure you have Warmaster/Giant Slayer on as many of your team as possible.

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1 year ago

I’ve got 3 orns and one of each of the rares. Orn is my most pulled epic

1 year ago

NO! I’m getting really close to finish, and now there’ll be another one? I have a couple Orns, let’s hope they’ll trivialize it. If not this is gonna delay me at least 2 months.