The Best Artifacts to Gear Your Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends!


The Best Artifacts to Gear Your Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends!


This article is here to help you see what the best artifacts are to use in Raid: Shadow Legends!


When looking to gear your champions you need to check that the abilities your champions have include any debuffs which need accuracy.


This is the most important stat of the game with 95% of champs needing this. Accuracy will assist your champions hitting debuffs against enemy champions in arena, dungeon mobs, dungeon bosses and clan boss.

This stat is also essential for hitting decrease turn meter against enemies. This will be very helpful in completing dungeons and in beating arenas.

A helpful rule of thumb for getting enough accuracy in dungeons is to take the dungeon level and multiply it by 10.

Dungeon level x 10 = accuracy needed to hit the debuff.

How do we find all the accuracy we need on our artifacts?

You can find accuracy in each of the following:

  • Sub stats – Finding these stats on each of your pieces of gear will boost your accuracy. Re-roll the gear to potentially get higher accuracy rolls.
  • Banners – These are for champs who are level 60 and are fully ascended. These pieces of gear can hold accuracy as the primary stat and in the sub stats but using accuracy in the primary stat will give greater benefits.
  • Masteries – Investing in the mastery scrolls will allow you to unlock different paths for your champions; some of these include boosting accuracy, so use your scrolls wisely and invest in accuracy when needed.
  • Chest piece – This is a last case scenario, and, similar to the banner, you can have accuracy on the primary stat but it doesn’t require a certain ascension level to be able to use it. You should only use this if the others above are not an option. But it is better than no accuracy and a wasted champion who isn’t hitting the required debuffs.


Speed is the second-most essential stat needed to build on champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. It’s used in all areas of the game for any champion unless you’re speed tuning but more on that can be found in this video:

Speed can be found in boots’ primary stat and in all sub stats.

95% of champions will use speed boots as a primary stat. There are certain exceptions, but it is very rare!

Rule of thumb: champions need a speed of 170+ to be viable at level 60.

Speed is so important in pvp as the more speed you have the more turns you will get to lap your opponent before they have their go.


Defence and HP

Defence and HP are the next best stat needed to gear your champions with – the longer you’re alive the more damage you will do! When gearing your champs for the Clanboss you need as much defence as possible! For inspiration check out my fully kitted Valk in the video.

For HP it is necessary when doing dungeon runs as the mobs will attack the lowest HP champion on your team so kitting certain champs strategically will help you beat some of the hardest dungeons.


Important notes

ASDD – accuracy, speed, defence and damage

Read abilities properly and understand your champions

Don’t waste stats

Best stats for primary stats:

  • Chest – hp%
  • Boots – speed
  • Gloves – crit damage

To get crit rate find it on other gear in the secondary stats


For more tips, watch the video below! Go get the gear you need and Happy Raiding!


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