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Published On: August 11, 2021
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The best gear for new players in Raid: Shadow Legends:

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What gear is good for new players in Raid: Shadow Legends?

One of the biggest difficulties as a new player in Raid, is knowing how to effectively gear your champions so they help you progress, but even with that knowledge – good gear is hard to come by at low levels due to inability to farm higher stage content.

But there are a few key sets that you should be setting your eyes on to enhance your progress.

The core sets that you should be worried about early on, are Speed and Lifesteal.

The first 7 days of playing the game, you are given a full set of very viable Life steal gear for your starter champion, this will last you a very long time due to the fact they have set in stone primary stats.

Lifesteal will be a huge key for helping you to keep your champions alive, while speed will help to ensure you get a turn / multiple turns against your enemies.

Of course there are more viable sets to acquire but they are less obtainable at lower levels, one noteworthy mention however is Perception, due to the fact at level 30 you unlock the forge which is instantly loaded with some materials for you to craft yourself some early gear!


Where can you farm gear as a new player in Raid: Shadow Legends?

Speed and Lifesteal sets are both easily obtainable for a new player due to the fact they are available from campaign, you should utilize this by using your energy in these stages while levelling up food champions to rank up your roster.

Stage 6 of campaign will drop Speed gear

Stage 8 of campaign will drop Lifesteal gear

The faster you can progress your account to be able to farm these on Brutal difficulty the better, as it will allow you to farm up to 5 star versions of the gear – this will really enhance your progress before you start working towards progressing dungeons.

The first dungeon that you will progress will be Dragon, which conveniently drops both Speed and Lifesteal, it is by far the easiest of the dungeons and also drops some of the best progression sets.

Realistically you should not even consider farming dungeons for gear till you can reliably farm stage 13, due to the fact that it is the first stage where 6 star gear is obtainable.

Prior to this, you should be investing your energy into farming campaign to rank up your champions to enable this – which should be done in either of the previously mentioned campaign stages


What gear should you keep in Raid: Shadow Legends?

While looking at gear, there’s a few key things you need to know in terms of the stats you are looking for:

The bottom row (Gauntlets, Chestplate and boots) has multiple options for primary stats, where as the top row (weapon, helmet, shield) are fixed primary stats that will never change.

Because of the diversity in bottom row artifacts as I’m sure you can imagine, there are sub-optimal items here that should be instantly sold in most situations.

On Gauntlets, Chestplate and Boots – items with FLAT stats (DEF – HP – ATK) are useless in most cases, the main variation of this, is IF it is a Speed set, with Speed substats, this could prove to be your fastest item (ignoring boots)

Early game boots; you should ALWAYS be wearing Speed boots – this is so important because of the amount of stat boost they bring, while your gearing is limited you will not be able to reach the required speeds in your builds without that.


Basic Starter Gearing Guide:

Your very first starting champion (Kael, Galek, Elhain, Athel) should be equipped in the starter lifesteal gear that you acquire while playing for the first 7 days as log-in rewards. This will see you through for a very long time, it comprises of Critical Rate gauntlets, Attack % chestplate and Speed boots – you can pair this set with several options, there are a few options that you pick up during the early campaign levels, such as 4* epic weapon and shield from sets like Cruel.

The perception gear that you pick up at level 30 could also be used as a filler set on any of your starter champions due to the fact, they will be 5* which is a huge stat boost.

Has this article changed your approach to gear? Let us know in the comments!

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2 years ago

Hi and thx for all your work and things to explain :)
I have a question: does it matter what speed boots i put on a champ or should i look for something special?
Farming on Brutal and just started on Nightmare so i have a long way to go there :)

2 years ago
Reply to  Merlin68

You will want good substats such as accuracy, def% and hp%. You will want them to be 5-star or higher. You will want to level them to level 16. You would like them in a set, such as speed, lifesteal or persepcion.