Published On: April 10, 2021
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Unexpected Nuker: Mystery Rare – Ironclad Showcase!


Ironclad is a Force affinity Orc Rare, with a very unique ability that nobody else in the game has, which enables him to do some absolutely crazy damage in the right situation, and with the right accompanying champions – and it’s not even an active ability – It’s his passive!

Who’d have thought a RARE champion would be able to passively wipe enemy arena teams?

To utilize this, you will need to build Ironclad like a nuker, with 100% C.Rate, High C.Dmg and HIGH HP, Accompany him with any of the strong single-target healers in the game, such as Apothecary or Sethallia, any surplus healing he receives will transfer into a HUGE aoe nuke on the enemy team, without him even taking a turn!

A1: Wallop [HP][ATK]
Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 25% chance of placing a 100% Heal Reduction debuff for 2 turns

A2: Amok [CD 4 Turns]
Removes 1 random debuff from all allies. Places a 25% increase ATK buff on all allies for 2 turns.

Passive: Blood Burst (The important part) [CD 1 turn]
When healed, will attack all enemies inflicting damage proportional to any surplus heal. Damage inflicted is equal to 50% of any surplus heal.

Increases Ally HP in all battles by 16%

The setup for this team is not massively easy, nor very auto-friendly – however, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got! And if you’re missing a high damage AOE nuker for the arena, this Champion CAN fill that role, step aside Trunda?

Like any Damage dealers, you will want to run a debuffer with him, for Defense down – and ideally weaken. Run him with Helmsmasher and he will benefit massively from Savage like all arena nukers.

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3 years ago

Here’s a thing: Passive works only once per turn and it’s only 50% of the surplus heal, while also (unlike mentioned Trunda) being affected by defensive buffs, artifacts and auras. So why would you use him instead of a dedicated nuker? You still have to win the speed race, and an extremely high heal support champions are very rare. Even Ironclad + Apothecary is underwhelming. Even more so, if you consider that it’s a full-manual setup, so it’s useless for defense.

I’m most curious if anyone is actually using it and having any degree of success over, say, Kael.