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Published On: May 26, 2024
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Upcoming Drop Fever Events in Raid: Shadow Legends!

Hey everyone! We’ve got some news hot off the press from the team at Plarium. It looks like we will be starting the week with some interesting 3x events to boost your gear drop chances in Raid Shadow Legends and included is one of the best events for improving your gear collection in the game, 3x Speed Gear!

Plarium’s Announcement:

Here is the official statement that was put out by the Raid Shadow Legends team about the event:

Hey y’all!

I have some news about the upcoming events:

(1) On Monday, May 27th, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Savage set artifacts at Fire Knight’s Castle.

(2) On Wednesday, May 29th, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Provoke set artifacts at Ice Golem’s Peak.

(3) Also, on Friday, May 31st, we’re planning to launch x3 event for dropping Speed set artifacts at Dragon’s Lair.

So look for the Drop Fever label in-game to know the event is live.

Event Breakdown:

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening and when:

3x Event for Savage Set Artifacts at Fire Knight’s Castle

When: Monday, May 27th
What is this event?: Triple the drop rates for Savage set artifacts! Savage sets are amazing for dealing big numbers and making the most of your damage multipliers, this makes this artifact set perfect for your heavy hitters. Don’t miss out on farming these at Fire Knight’s Castle.

3x Event for Provoke Set Artifacts at Ice Golem’s Peak

When: Wednesday, May 29th
What is this event?: Triple the drop rates for Provoke set artifacts! These sets are awesome for controlling champions, helping you mess up your enemies’ plans and can be complete game-changers in many areas of the game. This set often gets overlooked but it is in fact one of the most useful sets to help you progress in Raid Shadow Legends. Make sure to hit up Ice Golem’s Peak to snag these.

3x Event for Speed Set Artifacts at Dragon’s Lair

When: Friday, May 31st
What is this event?: To round this even, and May off, we have one of the best events that run in the game – this event will give you triple the drop rates for Speed set artifacts! As a staple to many builds in Raid Shadow Legends, speed sets are essential for boosting your champions’ turn rates and making sure that your team stay one step ahead of the enemy. Having plenty of speed gear on hand to allow you to adapt your teams and build better speed tunes in the future opens up so many options in the game. Head to Dragon’s Lair to stock up on these must-haves.

How to take part in these 3x events:

When the events go live, look for the Drop Fever label in the game. Each event boosts your chances of getting these specific artifact sets from their respective dungeons. Plan your farming sessions to take full advantage of these boosted drop rates!

Final Thoughts

These Drop Fever events are a fantastic chance to power up your artifact collection with some of the best sets in the game. Mark your calendars, get your champions ready, and let’s make the most of this week for farming.

Happy farming, everyone!

What do you think about these 3x events? is it enough to make the farm worth your efforts? Let us know in the comments!

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