You ONLY NEED these Gear Sets in Raid Shadow Legends

Published On: August 13, 2022

You ONLY NEED 15 Gear Sets in Raid Shadow Legends


Today we’re going to be taking a look at the most important gear sets in Raid Shadow Legends, there are a total of 43 sets available but we are confident that you can get away with only using 15 of them!

Managing your gear can be quite a daunting task, especially for those who are newer to the game as there is a lot to take in, and understand what is good and where you can use it as well as where you should be putting your energy to farm!


Relentless Set: 4 Piece Set – Grants the wearer an 18% chance to have an additional turn.

This set can ONLY be obtained by winning or placing high in Tournament Brackets, and many people assume because of how you acquire it, it’s automatically one of THE best sets.

But, it’s not – however, it is solid and shouldn’t be ignored. You want to use this set on Champions that you want to cycle their turns fast, but you need to weigh how your relentless gear compares to other gear sets that you own – could you gain more turns with higher speed from speed gear for example?

Some of the best contenders for the Relentless set are Champions who have abilities or passives that trigger every turn, for example, Scyl of the Drakes, healing every turn she takes – and Doompriest, who heals and cleanses every turn she takes.


Guardian Set: 4 Piece Set – Wearer absorbs 10% of all damage dealt to ally Champions. Heals by 10% every turn.

This set can only be acquired from Doom Tower by defeating the Celestial Griffin. This is the only artifact set that can transfer damage to the wearer and acts as a mini ally protection which can stack with multiple champions in your team. It also acts like a mini regeneration set to keep the champion alive. It has incredible value in Clan Boss and in Arena where you want to reduce the damage on your glass cannon champions to keep them alive. This is the best set to farm on Rotation 2 of Doom Tower.

You’d typically equip Champions that are able to self-sustain well in this gear or are particularly tanky.


Stalwart Set: 4 Piece Set – Decreases incoming AOE Damage to the wearer by 30%.

While stalwart is not used as commonly as it used to be, it is still hugely valuable and popular. If you think about the damage we receive in this game, a large chunk of it comes from AOE Sources, for example, Arena, Clan Boss and Hydra Clan Boss – all these areas you’ll be under fire from heavy AOE Damage.

Being able to reduce that damage by 30% is no joke, and especially when this gear set is farmable from Dragon, it is quite easy to pick it up as you’ll be farming for other gear sets too.

Typically in Stalwart gear you’ll be aiming for two different build types – either very high in defensive stats, or very high in damage stats, to enable your damage dealers to still pump out good numbers whilst also mitigating some of the incoming damage to stay alive for longer.


Immunity Set: 4 Piece Set – Grants Block Debuffs for 2 turns at the start of a round.

Now this one is slightly linked to the following set, regarding it being the slightly weaker version, however, Immunity is farmable and incredibly valuable in Arena especially when fighting enemies such as Tormin the Cold and Hegemon.

There aren’t many PvE Situations where you’ll be looking to utilize Immunity, however, it can be used as an extra buff for your Seer teams to increase the Karma Burn damage.

With Immunity you’ll be looking for a whole array of stats, whether it be kitting out a speed booster in Immunity gear, a high accuracy debuffer, or even your Nuker – you’ll need it all!

Immunity is farmed in Fire Knight’s Castle, which lines up with some of the other important sets you’ll be farming.


Stoneskin Set: Grants benefits per piece equipped (1: +8% HP, 2: +40 Resistance, 3: +15% Defence, 4: Stoneskin buff for 1 turn, 5: +15% Defence, 6: Stoneskin buff for 2 turns)

This set can only be acquired from the Hydra Clan Boss. This set is currently the Best PvP set in the game making any wearer near invincible to damage whilst the Stoneskin buff is active and unable to receive to debuffs or have Turn Meter manipulated. Only Warlord can breach the Stoneskin with his Skill Cooldown ability. If you are at all serious about Arena you will need to invest time into Hydra to get your hands on this powerful set.

Due to Stoneskin also granting you with other stats it does become a useful set to equip on PvE Champions too as a filler.


Stun Set: 4 Piece Set – Grants an 18% chance to applying Stun Debuff to the target for 1 turn.

Stun set becomes incredibly viable on Champions who have AOE Hits, allowing you to control the enemies waves. This will become particularly useful if you’re struggling with any wave content, for example, dungeon progression, Doom Tower or Faction Wars – it’s value skyrockets and may be the difference between you passing a stage and not.

Any sets that provide an active-passive such as Stun, do not require accuracy – so you can focus on other stats, whether that be damage or stats such as Speed and you’ll still be able to land your stun.

The best contenders for this are Champions with ALL AOE attacks, such as Bellower, Skullcrown and even Champions like Deliana!


Lifesteal Set: 4 Piece Set – Heals 30% of All Damage Dealt.

This is more an early-mid game set, and will see a drop-off as you progress into the late game, but up till then it is absolutely essential to keep your Champions alive. It is the bread and butter for any progressing account.

With it being farmed from either Campaign or Dragon it is nice and easy to pick up multiple sets of this early on to kit out your Champions.

The best ways to use Lifesteal are on Champions that hit hard, or Champions with Warmaster/Giant Slayer as those huge hits will also trigger Lifesteal healing.


Regeneration Set: 4 Piece Set – Heals 15% every turn.

Regen has really risen in the ranks over the last year or so, and has become the go-to set for any Champion that you are wanting to solo content, whether that be stage 25 Dungeons with Champions like Tomb Lord, or Doom Tower bosses such as Scarab.

Outside of that it’s just incredible for Champions that you want to keep alive, who don’t deal enough damage to utilize Lifesteal.

The other thing to consider with Regen, is outside of very niche situations like Urost the Soulcage, you will want your Champions in Regen gear to be relatively fast.


Reflex Set: 4 Piece set – Grants the champion a 40% chance to reduce the cooldown of one of their skills.

This set has risen in the ranks since the release of AI Control. This is farmed in Ice Golem and really the only reason you’d do the dungeon. The set is invaluable for Champions who you want to quickly rotate back to a specific ability.

A prime example here is Geomancer on Hydra Clan Boss, allowing him to rotate his A3 as often as possible, with his A2 turns off.

You also see this set shine in specific buff extension-based clan boss teams such as the Infinity Team.


Shield Set / Bolster Set: 4 Piece Set – Gives a shield buff to all allies of 30% of the wearer’s MAX HP for 3 turns. / Protected 30% HP Ally Shield for 3 turns, heals 10% every turn.

While wearing these sets you’ll want to chunk up your Champion’s HP levels to give your teams huge shields before you even begin the fight, allowing you to take hits early on, of course this set can be removed UNLESS you’re using Bolster, in which case the shield is protected and cannot be stolen/removed!

These sets is incredibly useful for progression!


Savage Set: 4 Piece Set – Ignores 25% Enemy DEF

Ignoring DEF is THE BEST way to deal damage in this game, anybody who you are using for damage, especially arena nukers – should be in Savage Gear, alongside Cruel for maximum potential.

Savage is by far the best damage set in the game, outside of Lethal (a better savage from Doom Tower).

You’ll be looking for High Crit Rate/Crit Damage/Primary Stat% items in this set, while farming Fire Knight to get your hands on this!


Speed Set: 2 Piece Set – Grants 12% of Base Speed

It would be impossible to leave this one off of the list, after all – speed is key in all areas of the game if you actually want your champions to get a turn.

Speed is one of the most important stats in the game whether you are playing in PvE or PvP making Speed Set one of the most valuable in the game. In the early to mid-game you can farm this set from Stage 6 of the Campaign and then as you progress you can farm this set in the Dragon’s Lair. Getting Speed gear is often your first major focus for farming.


Perception Set: 2 Piece Set – ACC +40. SPD +5%

The final and probably THE best set in the game, because of how it works in all stages of the game and is frequently used by all accounts. It gives you two of the most vital stats in the entire game.

This set is acquired from farming Faction Wars, and crafted in the forge making it incredibly easy to pick up a large amount of it as you progress through the game, especially for late-game players who are able to farm high stages of Faction Wars every single day.


So there we have it, between these sets you are covered for all areas of the game, of course, there are other sets that have niche uses, but are not necessarily needed. With just these sets you will be in a very good position no matter the content you’re facing.

Let us know if you feel that we missed something vital from this list that you’d consider a must-have set.



  1. Sydgame August 13, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    I only count 14 sets. Missing one.

    • Hammerbrow August 18, 2022 at 11:19 am

      Shield set & Bolster set are under the same heading, which makes 15 sets

  2. dahbudda August 13, 2022 at 11:24 pm

    No Swift Parry?

  3. Subotai35 August 18, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    You should mention Bloodthirst in the lifesteal section: an upgraded lifesteal set (but limited with crafting ressource).

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