Where is the best place to level your champions in Raid: Shadow Legends?

Published On: December 26, 2021

Where is the best place to level your champions in raid shadow legends?


Like most champion collection-based games you need to level your champions. The way these games do this is by getting the player to level their champions, and this is by using experience points, better known as XP. When you add XP to your champions their main stats will increase a small amount for each level.

Levelling your champions is essential, making them stronger and enabling you to rank your champions up.

There are several different areas in the game you can achieve this, the Sparring Pit, Tavern, Solo dungeon farming and Campaign farming.

The Sparring Pit is on the Bastion screen and can be unlocked using Gems. It has, potentially, 5 slots open with different levels ranging from level one to level three, however, these cost a lot of gems to level up. The Sparring pit is great to level food or champions you don’t need or want to use now. It takes a long time to level them in there and you need to manually level them up when they have reached the next level.

The Tavern provides you with the ability to give your champions Brews to gain XP. Brews are earned through different events, tournaments and can be won on stages in all areas of the game as part of the rewards. They are affinity specific. You can give your champion any brew, however, if you give them a brew of the same affinity it will generate more XP. Another way to use the tavern to level up your champions is to “feed” other champions into them.

Solo Dungeon farming is an extremely late game way of levelling champions. The idea behind it is that you have a maxed level 60 champion built, who can beat a stage of a dungeon by itself, and you bring four “food” champions with them. They die in the first wave, but you still get XP at the end of the battle, this is a fantastic way to farm gear and level food but as I said it requires certain champions like Bad-El-Kazar or Tomblord with late-game artifacts and accessories

The last and the most popular way to level your champions are in the campaign mode of the game, as it requires quite easy to obtain gear and you can use your starter champion as your campaign farmer. The most common place to farm is stage 12-3 of brutal campaign. However, if you cannot farm this stage, you should farm level three of the stage you can farm, until you can get there, for example, 10-3 or 11-3. 12-3 does not give you the most XP, which would be 12-6. 12-6 gives you slightly more XP. however, as shields sell for more silver than boots, when you farm 12-3 you are also gaining more silver which is always a good thing as silver is needed for near enough everything in the game when it comes to improving your champions.

To max your champions, you will need to do a certain number of runs in 12-3 and I will break that down for you now.

These numbers are going to be based on, if you have XP boost and the raid pass active and you are bringing 3 food champions with your campaign farmer. This means you will gain 10,382 XP per run per champion.

  • a one-star champion to max level takes three runs of 12-3 or two brews totalling 22,761XP
  • a two-star champion to max level takes eight runs of 12-3 or 5 brews Totalling 81,326XP
  • a three-star champion to max level takes twenty runs of 12-3 or 11 brews totalling 200,681XP
  • a four-star champion to max level takes 44 runs of 12-3 or 24 brews totalling 449,082XP
  • a five-star champion to max level takes 93 runs of 12-3 or 46 brews totalling 963,806XP

*Note the total amount is the max amount of XP to level the champion and the runs and brews go over that number but not enough for another brew or run*
I would not recommend you levelling your six-star champions in the campaign. The most efficient way is to bring them into the minotaur labyrinth and level them there. If you do this, by the time they have full masteries they will be around level fifty

for campaign farming to work at an efficient speed, you would ideally need your campaign farmer clearing this stage as fast as possible. 15 seconds and under is great. There are champions out there that can farm 12-3 in 6 seconds.

There are 2 main ways you can do this, the first is to have your campaign farmer as fast as possible so they go twice for every one turn of the waves or have them built as a complete nuke letting them 1 shot the waves. To make your champions faster in campaign mode you will need 100% crit rate, a good amount of attack and crit damage and speed. Try using the optimizer as it has pre-sets loaded for these two types of campaign farmers.

One of the best in class for campaign farming is the Legendary Queen Eva. She is the Queen of Campaign farming as she doesn’t need amazing gear and can farm 12-3 in 7 seconds. The fastest campaign farmer is Fellhound at 6 seconds. However, you need insane gear for this champion to work. The sisters Sinesha and Skullcrown are widely used for this as well. With the void rare Bellower as the standout rare champion, all his attacks are AOE are perfect for campaign farming

Any champion that has one or more AOE attacks can be used as a campaign farmer. Start off using your Starter champion as they will be the best-geared champion you have, and they all have an AOE ability.

Who do you use as a campaign farmer is it a champion I haven’t mentioned? Leave a comment down below, we love hearing from you!



  1. JSpenceGlass December 27, 2021 at 7:48 am

    You can use Any Champion with an Area of Effect A1 ( example: Cupidus )

    • JSpenceGlass December 27, 2021 at 7:56 am

      You can set them as Leader in your group if you have unlocked “Team Setup” and disable any skill that doesn’t hit all enemies. Then add your food champions to that setup (they will likely die, so there is no need to set their skills). You can level and rank these champions to your desired level, but you have to make sure when you switch food champions, you go to “Team Setup” and also make sure they swap there. Otherwise your leading champion will use all their attacks instead of their AoE.

  2. Alister December 27, 2021 at 10:46 am

    Hi guys, I use Big Un in 12-3 brutal. Its not the fastes one but i run in 12 sec through the stage. ;-)

    • Alister December 27, 2021 at 10:47 am

      Sorry but best timer was 8 sec.

  3. Tigernutz December 27, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    Ithos is my guy for campaign farming. 6 second runs ftw!

  4. Lord Dy December 28, 2021 at 2:31 am

    5second fellhound :) (that only works on the computer though. A phone with 60fps probably won’t achieve less than 6 seconds)

  5. Ughbash December 30, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    Two comments on the number of runs to level.
    1) It looks like the number of runs is with the raid card for an extra 20% XP.
    2) When leveling food to 10, if you want to maximize your levels per energy you can get 6 toons to level 10 in 5 runs (40 energy) rather than 6 runs (48 energy).
    First Run, use 3 toons and they go to level 7.
    Second Run, drop one of the 3 and the two remaining toons go to level 10.
    Third Run, run three fresh toons and they go to level 7
    Fourth Run, drop one of the three and the two remaining toons go to level 10.
    Fifth Run, the two level 7 toons that are left and they will go to level 10.

    This will save energy, but is a little more annoying with the manual manipulation.

    Energy for Hassle, your choice :)

  6. Teirdome January 3, 2022 at 6:02 pm

    For FTP players, I have found the following to be most efficient during big events:

    Rank 1: 1 brew + 3 rank 1’s (Note: buying 2-stars from the market alleviates the need for 1-stars generally.)
    Rank 2: 9 Brutal 12-3 + 1 Normal 12-3 (During events, 4 level 1’s + 4 brews)
    Rank 3: 23 Brutal 12-3 + 45 Minutes in the Pitt

    During events, I’ll pump brews into food before eating them:

    Rank 3’s: 1 brew in each rank 3 to get them to level 10 first. Alternatively, 3 12-3s to get them to 12.
    Rank 4’s: 2 brews and a level 1 to get them to 15.
    Rank 5’s: 3 brews and a level 1 to get to 18.

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