Published On: December 23, 2022

Who is the best Raid Shadow Legends Christmas Fusion?


With another Christmas Fusion well in progress and the world counting down the days till Christmas, we’re going to take a little walk back through the past Christmas Fusion, from worst to best, to decide who is truly the best Christmas Fusion we’ve had so far!

Of course this is somewhat different for every account, as depending on your roster, some of these Champions may have more impact than others.



Kicking things off with the bottom of the pile, by a long way, Pyxniel aesthetically looked incredible when she was announced, but unfortunately, that’s about as far as it went with Pyxniel.

Her kit was incredibly underwhelming, paired with the fact that she requires SO many legendary books to even make the most of her kit, it was a recipe for disaster before she was even released.

Due to Pxyniel’s unfortunate feedback, she has since been buffed, not once, but twice – but still falls at the bottom of the list for us, maybe due to a sour taste that’s been forever left in our mouths at the idea of using Pyxniel.


Sir Nicholas

Santa Claus himself was the very first Raid Fusion, now by no means is Sir Nick a bad Champion, in fact, for many he would be game-changing due to the importance of Clan Boss and the benefits of being able to build an unkillable team to power your way through to Ultra Nightmare – But unfortunately, he does dip off after that point, and there are better options available when it comes to Unkillable teams, which is why we do consider him the 2nd from bottom, but a country mile ahead of Pyxniel.


Tormin the Cold

Tormin was a tough choice to put next because of how unique he is, and how much he can bring to any team that is in need of control, especially in Arena Defense due to his passive ability.

Tormins passive can Freeze enemies by them simply buffing or boosting Turn Meter, which is massive in Arena as it forces the enemies to bring a Block Debuff or Immunity gear to their fight when facing an enemy’s Tormin.

Outside of Arena, however, Tormin brings a ton of control with his A1 being AOE (Enabling huge benefit from a Stun set) and his A3 Provoke.

As mentioned, Tormin could very easily be higher in this list, and more so because of his affinity, however, for many accounts, the next 2 Fusion Champions bring slightly more to the table.


Tatura Rimehide

Tatura Rimehide was last year’s (2021) Christmas Fusion and came into the game around the same time as Hydra Clan Boss, where the use of Perfect Veil was a near necessity due to the Head of Torment, unless you were negating it with Inquisitor Shamael, however, at the time only Duchess Lilitu and Rector Drath were able to bring a party-wide Perfect Veil, and even Rector Drath was slightly unreliable due to the conditions on the skill, making Tatura a greatly needed addition.

On top of Tatura’s Perfect Veil, she also brought a completely new appearance to the game, and somehow fit into High Elves despite being some kind of celestial lion, looking more like a mount from World of Warcraft.

The rest of Tatura’s kit, however, is still top tier with 100% chance of placing Decrease ACC on a single target on the A1, and bringing a huge AOE hit that provides a shield, as well as the Perfect Veil on the A3 and Block Debuffs, paired with Increase DEF on the A2.

Overall Tatura was an incredible addition to the game that will have, and continue to help many accounts in all areas of the game.


Gnishak Verminlord

Finally, we have it! In our opinion, the best Christmas Fusion that we’ve had in Raid: Shadow Legends, especially for new and progressing players.

Gnishak brings a huge amount of damage, from bombs and poisons and is able to solo Dragon 25, Ice Golem 25, and even push through one of the biggest Road Blocks in Raid Shadow Legends, Bommel the Dreadhorn in the Doom Tower.

While he may not bring buffs and debuffs that other fusions do, the amount of benefit to being able to have a Champion capable of soloing some of the most important content in the game, or significantly helping a team if you are not using him to solo is invaluable.

There are other Champions capable of this, but it is not the kind of thing we are used to getting from a Fusion Champion.


Do you agree with our rankings? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!



  1. SS2020user December 23, 2022 at 5:02 pm

    I personally prefer Tatura, based on the great late game viability, the amazing CB kit and being great for Bommal (if you’re not just nuking him that is). I do completely agree that the Rat is better for newer players tho, and is a great champ for the vast majority of players.

  2. Schinderdiv December 23, 2022 at 9:25 pm

    I wish I would have gone for Tatura simply because of Hydra.

    I fused Gnishak earlier today for a Bommal specialist, already got him at rank 6 and farming Mino. Hoping to get him built enough to try before this rotation ends because I don’t wanna wait another 3 months haha.

  3. Chay December 26, 2022 at 11:55 am

    I agree with the posters above – Tatura is the best Christmas fusion so far, imo. That champ is so good, doesnt matter if you are eary late or endgame – he still deserves a place in your team.

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