Published On: August 12, 2021
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Why the arena is so important in Raid Shadow Legends?

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What is the arena in Raid Shadow Legends?

Classic arena is a 4v4 format where you battle other players, to progress into higher tiers and earn gold medals to upgrade your great hall to give your whole roster stat boosts.

You will need to set a defence team that will be visible to other players in your bracket which they can attack, the stronger this is – the less likely you are to lose points, allowing you to progress further with your wins.

How does competing in the arena affect your account?

Competing in the arena allows you to earn Great Hall medals, which can be used to upgrade stats such as HP%, ATK%, DEF%, C.DMG, Resist, Accuracy across your whole account for each affinity. These provide a HUGE stat boost to every champion in your account and is imperative to pushing your account further.

Completing Great Hall milestones is also needed for the Arbiter missions, to get your hands on the most used Speed Leader for Arena in the game.

Each arena tier also gives you a passive boost to your HP/ATK/DEF ranging from 1% to 25% if you are in Platinum.

Why you should start working on your arena as soon as possible

As mentioned, the arena provides a huge benefit to your account through stat boosts, but also through the rewards you get from the weekly chest, this can help you acquire some great gear!

The great hall takes a VERY long time to fully upgrade, in fact very few players have completed the great hall so far, it is a constant progression point for any account and the sooner you get to work in this the stronger your account will be.

Especially in the early levels, these small stat boosts will really make a massive difference to your account and will be incredibly noticeable.

Basic new starter team example:

For new players, we completely appreciate that having a viable arena team may feel out of the question, however, you are able to make a completely viable arena team with starter/free champions.

Pre-30 day accounts:

Spirithost > Diabolist (fastest gear you own) > Warmaiden > Kael

This will be able to nuke through basically any team that you are faster than, your diabolist will boost the speed of your whole team and allow you to go before the enemies.

Once you hit day 30, you receive High Khatun from login rewards, who provides a speed boost to your whole team along with a 19% speed aura in all battles, High Khatun will be a staple in your arena team until you pull a better option from shards or until you get your hands on Arbiter – She will replace Spirithost in the previously mentioned team!

Who did you use as your early-game arena team? Let us know in the comments!

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2 years ago

I have a question, please.
Is Arbiter best than Lyssandra in Arena and why?
Thanks in advance for your answer.