Published On: April 2, 2024
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5 New Champions coming to RAID: Shadow Legends

5 New Champions are being added to RAID in the upcoming patch, later this week. This features the new Fusion and 2 New Mythical Champions!

The Fusion begins on Thursday, and the patch will be coming on the same day, if you’d like a full breakdown of the upcoming Fusion, check out our Fusion Announcement Post.

Let’s check the 5 New Champions out!

Eostrid Dreamsong – Fusion

Eostrid Dreamsong

Eostrid joins the game as 2024’s Easter Fusion, and she is a queen of Turn Meter manipulation who can be helpful for all levels of accounts.

On her A3 she brings Increase Speed as well as Increase ATK whilst also boosting your whole team turn meter by 15%, this skill is then topped off with an Extra turn which allows her to go straight into her A2 ability, which places Decrease Speed and Weaken on the enemy team whilst also decreasing their Turn Meters by 15%.

All in all, that A3 into A2 is a very strong combination, but alongside that, she has a passive skill that will bring passive healing to your team, a sleep on her basic skill, and finally, a 28% Speed aura for the Arena!

Falmond Mournsword

Falmond Mournsword

Next up we’ve got another Faction Unity Skill Champion, for the Sacred Order, Falmond appears to be a damage dealer, however, his real value revolves around his passive skill when paired with 3 Faction Allies, which is truly insane, making all of the team Immune to cooldown increasing effects – this is a perfect way to counter Warlord and Yumeko’s in the arena, as well as Lazarius the Mythical Champion!

It looks like Falmond could be quite awkward to kill whilst being able to deal good damage, with his passive skill also reducing the damage he takes for each enemy or ally turn taken until he takes his next turn, building him incredibly slow could allow to completely block damage before taking a turn and releasing huge damage.

Wallmaster Othorion

wallmaster othorion

Wallmaster enters the game as the BEST Non-Void Champion in the game for Hydra Clan Boss, and he has a fitting passive to match that claim.

He is yet another Champion who comes into Hydra and ticks so many boxes, but this time, he also brings an absurd amount of damage along with all of the utility.

First off, Othorion’s basic skill attacks all enemies, which cannot trigger counterattacks, but also fills his Turn Meter by 5% for each living enemy (so against hydra, this is a 20% Turn Meter fill!)

On his A2 ability, he attacks each enemy twice, placing Block Buffs and Decrease ATK, once again boosting his Turn Meter by 20% total, but the best bit? This skill deals Enemy MAX HP Damage! Twice!

Finally, he’s self-buffing, with his A3 ability granting him Increase ATK, Increase ACC and Increase SPD for 3 turns, then giving him an extra turn, meaning he is able to rotate through his skills even faster with more speed, huge turn meter boosts, valuable debuffs and massive damage!

On top of all of this, Wallmaster is incredibly tanky due to his passive skill increasing his HP by 20% for each enemy killed or Hydra Head decapitated, up to a maximum of 50,000!

The Calamitus

The biggest Faction in the game has FINALLY got a Mythical Champion to add to their horde, The Calamitus looks great visually, however he’s actually not all that great.

He is currently considered one of the most underwhelming Mythical Champions in the current pool, but that’s not to say he’s bad, if you got him with a limited roster then yes, he could do a job for you, he brings a lot of debuffs into your team with a single target hit, that can place Block Buffs, Decrease DEF, Weaken and Decrease Speed which is incredibly strong for single target fights, filling multiple roles in one skill.

The most exciting thing about Calamitus arguably however, is his passive skill on his ultimate form, potentially making him capable of being a solo-champion for certain content areas, with him healing by 50% of his MAX HP at the start of his turn, as well as being great at providing AOE Decrease DEF and Hex whilst also ignoring Life Barrier and Poison Cloud from Hydra, and Ally Protection.

Toshiro the Bloody

Toshiro gains a huge amount of value in his Base Form, especially in Hydra Clan Boss, and is arguably the BEST Mythical for Hydra, but only in Hydra.

Toshiro is effectively locked into his base form as when he changes forms he loses his stacks that increase his ATK and HP by 100%, which scale all of his damage multipliers, so you will never want to use his Alternate Form as the drop-off is disgusting.

Using Toshiro in Hydra would require bringing somebody with Decrease Speed, as he can only provide this in his Alternate Form (and that’s bad!) – a great option for this would be the new Easter Fusion!

Outside of his uses, he is YST’s favourite of the 5 New Champions, because of the aesthetic (Think Genzin 2.0), he can’t get enough of this style!

What do you think of these 5 New Champions? Let us know in the comments!

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