Published On: January 10, 2023

5 New Champions join Raid: Shadow Legends! Patch 6.40!


With the latest patch in Raid: Shadow Legends, amongst lots of QoL changes and some Champion Rebalances, Plarium has added 5 new Champions, of course, one of these we already know about with the Fusion beginning in just 2 days for Pythion – but let’s check out what else is coming!

korugar death bell portrait

Korugar Death-Bell

From a distance, a Death Bell tolls as Korugar marches towards you with his army of Ogryn Tribes carrying his molten axe, all who stand in his way should be afraid.

We’ve had a number of new champions join Teleria with an Ally Protection effect, a buff which is incredibly powerful for reducing incoming damage, especially in Clan Boss. Korugar is up there with some of the best protectors and brings unique mechanics. The important aspect of any protector is being able to place on all allies ideally on a 2-turn duration with 3 turn cooldown. Korugar does fit this requirement and also brings a 25% Strengthen buff. His A2 brings a full cleanse and a 30% Turn Meter fill which on any champion is incredibly powerful in any content you expect to take debuffs (Hydra, Sand Devil, Doom Tower etc). His unique passive is exceptionally powerful. Once he uses A3, he will gain 80 Resistance and 40% of his Defence but also will give all allies half that benefit to each ally. This is a massive stat boost to help keep your team alive and will prove powerful in many end-game pieces of content.

Korugar is a strong legendary champion that will help keep your team kicking along.

enda moonbeam portrait

Enda Moonbeam

Clothed in golden leaves and a mask truly to rival Faceless, Enda Moonbeam joins the court of the Sylvan Watchers as part of patch 6.40.

Unfortunately, Enda has spent far too much time staring at the moon and not focussing on being very useful. Her biggest asset is an AoE leech which works with her passive (gaining 2 speed per leech which in most scenarios will be 8-10). Additionally, an A1 Decrease Defence is decent however at 40% its on the low end of the chance to place. Her A2 loses its value due to the randomness of the ability. It will attack 3 at random and then increase the duration of 1 random debuff on the target.

Overall her kit just lacks depth when compared to other epic champions with a starter champion such as Ghrush bringing as much value as Enda brings.

kellan the shrike portrait

Kellan the Shrike

Legolas look away now because Kellan has arrived to defend the Sylvan Watchers court from the foes determined to destroy the ancient city of Nyresa.

Kellan brings a potent A2 with a potential major damage AoE on the A3 (depending on multipliers). The A2 will have a 100% chance when booked to reduce a target’s Turn Meter by 50%, perfect for Dark Fae, Spider or the Fire-Knight whilst also placing a Decrease Speed debuff. Kellan then places a Perfect Veil buff on them self which is valuable in an Arena setting as this enables all attacks to ignore Shield buffs. The A3 has a damage multiplier that increases by 5% for each debuff on the target. This is not as strong as a Soulless A3 (which is 15%) but likely could yield some large AoE damage numbers. Kellan also brings a Weaken on the A1 although it is only a 50% chance when used with Sniper mastery.

An interesting Kit that has potential if the damage multipliers are set correctly.

akemtum portrait


What do you get when you combine Brakus the Shifter with dangerous toxins – the answer Akemtum who joins the Skinwalkers as part of patch 6.40.

Poisons are the name of the game with Akemtum who attacks 3 times on the A1 with a 50% chance of placing a Poison debuff. What makes Akemtum unique is his ability to place and interact with Hex debuff. His A2 attacks all enemies 3 times (double triple hit making Giant Slayer a great mastery choice), with each hit having a chance to either increase the duration of Hex or instead place it for 2 turns. When Akemtum then attacks a Hex target with his A1, each hit will have a hance to spread 1 random debuff to all enemies. This combination makes him a powerful debuffer and one of the few viable debuff spread options. It doesn’t end there with Akemtum, who brings a unique passive that causes a poison debuff to also damage any enemy under a Hex debuff. The passive could potentially be meta-defining in some dungeon teams.

We’ll have to see how his passive interacts with AoE poison activators such as Teodor but Akemtum looks like a powerful poisoner for any team that requires.

pythion champion portrait

Pythion – January 2023 Fragment Collector

Protecting and carrying your team is what Pythion is all about. His a3 brings a Full Team revive with 50% HP and Turn Meter when dead allies are revived and a 25% Strengthen buff is placed on all allies. This ability won’t take place until an ally has died making this viable on Arena Defence at even the highest stages of arena. The A2 is a 3 turn, AoE full debuff cleanse followed by a 10% max hp heal which is increased by 5% for each debuff removed. This then places a Block Debuffs buff on all allies for 2 turns. Incredibly powerful to carry your team if you are facing debuffs or to deal with affinity issues in clan boss. The A1 is a double hit which should help you deal with Fire Knight challenges and it also brings a 10% heal to the ally with the lowest HP.

What makes Pythion exceptionally good, is that his passive reduces incoming damage your team takes by 5% for each buff on them which stacks up to 25%. This is effectively the same passive as Duchess (although that is 25% for AoE abilities). This is a significant damage reduction passive that will be incredibly valuable to any team.


What do you think of these new Champions? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Bart Mauldin January 10, 2023 at 9:21 pm

    Grush wasn’t a starter champion…It was Galek

  2. SS2020user January 11, 2023 at 9:26 am

    All seem great exept for Enda.

  3. Deathnaught January 11, 2023 at 9:44 am

    Akemtum OP? basically changes poisons into HP burn stacks. Partner him with verminlord and you have exponential poison damage with protected debuffs. Best thing, it’s passive. You don’t have to build him at all, just drop him in the team and watch everything melt.

    • Deathnaught January 11, 2023 at 9:50 am

      I take it back, on re-read it looks like you only take one poison’s worth of damage. So, two enemies with 10 stacks of poison each, each will take 11 stack’s worth of poisons. big deal.

  4. Mayhem5 January 12, 2023 at 6:11 am

    Pythion looks amazing and Korugar and Akemtum look great also. The other 2 are average.

  5. Katharsia January 12, 2023 at 6:14 am

    Will Pythion’s and Duchess’ passive stack to a 50% damage reduction?

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