Published On: March 24, 2024
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Beginners Energy Guide – Raid Shadow Legends

When you start your journey in RAID Shadow Legends, the first decision that you make on your account is which starting champion to pick out of Athel, Elhain, Galek, and Kael. No matter who you choose, the priority will be to spend the vast majority of your energy on developing enough food to get your starting champion to six stars as fast as you can.

We have a dedicated article for analysis on all of the starting champions, but they are all serviceable enough to be the very first champion that you fully invest in on a new account to help you get started.

There are many reasons that we want to prioritize our starting champion, as the first champion that we fully invest in:

  1. Guaranteed starting point with no RNG that we can control
  2. Rare champions are much cheaper to get max skills and ascension
  3. First champion we invest in should do damage every turn and have at least 1 AoE ability

All 4 of the starting champions fill this criteria, so spend the vast majority of your energy to level them to the max level of their rank, and then develop food to get them to the next rank as soon as you can. This will help you snowball your progress and continue to get into more and more efficient content.

The most efficient place to farm experience for developing food to rank up, is the Campaign, so your first priority is to progress and farm as far into the Campaign as you can.

Understanding how energy works

The main function of energy is to serve as the resource that you’ll spend to attempt a certain stage of PvE (Player vs Environment) content, where you will be acquiring mainly XP, Gear, Masteries, or Ascension. You will be charged the energy cost even if you fail to complete the run you’re attempting.

Your maximum energy will start very low, and with each account level start working it’s way up to the settling point of 130. This means that it is less efficient to purchase energy refills early in the game before you’ve capped your max energy, as you’re receiving less energy for an energy refill.

Energy will regenerate at a rate of 1 energy every 3 minutes, as long you are under your energy cap. Once you hit your energy cap, it will stop regenerating, but you can still purchase more energy which will just stack above your cap. Because of this, you want to stay underneath your maximum energy cap as much as possible, so that you generate as much “free” energy as you possibly can. For example, if you let your account sit at max energy for an entire day, you would miss out on 480 energy that would have been generated for you in that time.

Missions, Quests and Challenges

Some exceptions to the rule of always prioritizing energy expenditure in the Campaign until your starting champion is fully ranked up to six stars do exist in certain circumstances. A very good source of rewards in the game, especially early-game, is to continuously progress the different missions, quests, and challenges.

Missions are a very long-term stretch of goals that will give you rewards as you work towards acquiring the champions Arbiter, and Ramantu Drakesblood.

Quests are usually more short-term goals with daily, weekly, monthly, and advanced versions, that mostly continually refresh as you complete their entire section.

Challenges are kind of like the “advanced tutorial” of the game, where the game walks you through what they think are certain things to recommend you focus on as you start your journey.

You will definitely want to do your daily quests as often as you can, because this gives you gems and account XP, which will help you reach your maximum energy cap as fast as possible. The other missions, quests, and challenges, should also be loosely focussed on to keep them steadily progressing.


Your starting champion is going to be your main damage dealer and “carry” for your account initially, so you will want to spend some energy on making sure you get them in a proper build that will enable them to carry and farm.

This will involve some sort of blend of the Lifesteal set, which is a 4 piece set, and then filling in the other 2 artifact slots with something like Speed, Crit Chance, or Cruel. The lifesteal set will allow your starting champion to keep themselves healed up and finish early game runs even if their team has died around them, and there are masteries that complement this as well like Wrath of the Slain (Increases damage inflicted by 5% for each dead ally) and Spirit Haste (Increase speed by 8 for each dead ally).

Once your starting champion is fully maxed out, then you would slowly branch out your energy to other things like progressing dungeons and missions, but farming experience will definitely be the main priority for a vast majority of your early game. This means try to manage your XP Banners properly so that you are making sure you take advantage of the 100% experience bonus they provide. If you see XP Banners as a reward in Tournaments or Events, try to earn them if possible because these are very important to have online when you’re progressing.

Make sure that you are also paying attention to any Promo Codes or other ways to acquire more resources and energy to help you progress as fast as possible!

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