Champion Training Tournament – Are they worth it?

Published On: March 21, 2022

Champion Training Tournament – Are they worth it?


Today starts the biggest Champion Training Tournament we’ve ever seen, with lots of incredibly valuable rewards available.

During the event, very high-level players will be competing to get their hands on the void legendary Champion – Krisk the Ageless, for those who are in lower-level brackets – they’ll be competing for Ma’shalled, Mountain King or Royal Guard.


Krisk is widely considered one of the best, and most versatile Champions in the entirety of Raid Shadow Legends, you’d be hard pushed to find anybody that could say a bad word about Krisk in any area of the game.

Krisk’s kit truly has everything you could ask for which is what makes him so exceptional in so many areas, he can fill so many roles in any given team as he will likely cover the job of 2 or more champions, plus being Void Affinity means he doesn’t have a weak affinity to worry about!


Ma’Shalled is a Spirit affinity Legendary champion in the Undead Hordes faction. Widely known as a vault lord until he got a HUGE buff in April 2020. Now he has become a top 15 Legendary and a GOD of arena offence with high damage potential and great enemy control through True Fear. Ma’Shalled will speed your team up whilst applying crippling debuffs to the enemy team.

Ma’Shalled is a great champion in all content if paired with the right champions. His leech ability enables you to use him in a Clan Boss team without the rest of your team needing to run Life Steal gear. In any dungeon provided you have enough accuracy to apply your debuffs he can control enemy waves for your team.


Mountain King is a Force affinity legendary from the Dwarves faction. Mountain King is the ultimate defensive Arena champion with extremely hard hits and high survivability. With extremely high base HP he can be built as a tank, with his damage scaling by the HP you are building, just make sure you build high crit rate and damage as well.

Dwarves also have a high base resistance and a high resist Mountain King can be really hard to kill.


Royal Guard is an Epic from the High Elves faction and one of the most desired Epics in Raid: Shadow Legends! Royal Guard is the hardest-hitting Epic in the game versus Dungeon Bosses and one of the hardest-hitting overall champions in the game! He has an A2 ability which scales from the Enemy Max HP. Therefore the further you get through the game and fight tougher enemies, the higher their HP and the harder this ability hits for!

Royal Guard also has a single target decrease DEF on his A1 and a multi-hitting A3 which decreases turn meter and speed making him a truly amazing champion.


But of course, to get your hands on these champions – you’re going to have to win your group, which is not as easy as it may appear.

Champion Training Tournaments of this calibre have been renowned in the past for having obscenely high point requirements to get the winning position, often ending in heartbreak and empty banks.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality of events like these, when 1% of the player base is able to obtain something, everyone will push with all they have and only one can prevail.

It is possible to get a group that is very quiet, where you will get your hands on one of these champions for minimal investment, but it’s incredibly unlikely.

As you can see from the Global Leader boards already, this is going to be a crazy week!

But to answer if the event is worth it, the answer is yes – IF you have the resources to do so, many players are smart enough to save up in preparation for these events, so they can dominate their opponents and get their hands on whatever champion is up for grabs.


How does your group look so far, are you going for these Champions? Let us know below! 



  1. SS2020user March 22, 2022 at 7:05 am

    I am in a mountain king group. I’m really happy for it. My phone just stopped working, so I gotta get a new phone. I would have gone for Royal Guard and been sad if I missed it because of my phone breaking. I don’t care about Mountain King or Nari the Lucky.

  2. duggyrob March 22, 2022 at 5:27 pm

    As much as I would LOVE to have Krisk, I’m just not in the same universe as the people who can legitimately compete in this tourney. I usually try to compete in the normal Champion leveling / ranking / tourneys, but not this one. Best of luck to those who can give it a real shot!

  3. Barbarianwargod March 22, 2022 at 10:26 pm

    Not even thinking about going for this. The top guys in my group are so far ahead after the 1st day there is no way I can compete.

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