Published On: January 29, 2023
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Neva Free to Play 2023: Update – Day 16


We’re just over 2 weeks into our Free to play series now, and whilst I was struggling and beginning to notice a dip-off from being forced to start with Galek, things are continuing to move forwards, in all areas.

We’ve just had Sacred x2 and I was able to accumulate 2 Sacred Shards for it from the Progress Missions and Dungeon Challenges (the hardest of which was beating Fire Knight 13).


Clan Boss:

For my Clan Boss team, we’re now comfortably able to 2 key Hard Clan Boss, thanks to a mixture of a second 6-star Champion in Ronda, and also getting Brimstone Awakening on her, which provides a massive amount of damage.

Unfortunately, I am still yet to pull a reliable attack down Champion, and a poisoner capable of competing with my already mastered Galek, so for the time being I have to use a very unoptimized team unlike some of my competition, namely YST with his incredible luck.

As things progress, the aim will be to swap out Galek for a reliable poison Champion, Runic Warder for a more reliable Decrease ATK Champion, and finally Apothecary will make way for an Ally Protection Champion, as this happens I should be able to push up significantly in the Clan Boss.



I had to push Dungeons for the missions to get myself a second Sacred Shard, and in doing so I was able to claim the top spot in Fire Knight, and Dragon, however, I am also able to farm Stage 10 Spider, and Stage 13 Ice Golem, as well as Fire Knight 15 and Dragon 16.

Fire Knight 15 is not currently farmable due to the lack of books in my Runic Warder, however, if I am able to land 2 books into his A3 this will run full auto smoothly, for the time being, I will have to farm stage 12 in around 1:30 when necessary.

Dragon I am hopeful I can push to stage 20 before the Speed Event next weekend.


Masteries and Account Development:

I am now able to farm Stage 15 Minotaur with very little risk, meaning my gems going forwards will not be used on buying my third set of masteries, and any future ones, we will be farming these ourselves!

I currently have full masteries on Galek, and Ronda and will begin farming my third set very soon, as I already have the food ready for my third 60, it’s just a matter of deciding who, whether it be Deacon, Apothecary or somebody else I happen to pick up before I make the decision.

Both Deacon and Apothecary are doing absolutely fine at level 50, however, the Warmaster or Giant Slayer damage from them will significantly help my progression, so it’s likely a decision I will make during Clan vs Clan this week.



We made it!

Gold 5 farming is underway, and it’s so refreshing due to the amount of 1-man defences that are available, meaning I will be able to continue to progress my great hall at a fast pace, whilst I’ve not massively invested in it yet – I have been saving my medals up till I decide what I will be pursuing to level 10 first for the Arbiter missions.

Grinding to Gold 5 was quite a chore, and honestly was a full-time job, refreshing the game every 15 minutes from Gold 1 all the way to Gold 5 hoping to find a lucky free win every now and then, often taking 3-4 refreshes to find a single win.

But now that it’s done, I am definitely going to be reaping the rewards and enjoying the Gold V weekly chests!



Overall, I’d say my progression is going very nicely, and I’m enjoying myself too which is a plus.

I may not have had the crazy pulls that my fellow Content Creators have been graced with (I still do not have a legendary outside of Ronda), but I’m making it work!

I’m very excited to see how this unfolds further, and am very nervous to finally get my first legendary Champion, hoping it will be somewhat useful!

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1 year ago

I am shocked that YST isn’t winning yet! His pulls have been insane, but instead Neva’s winning everything. Impressive, hope you get some good pulls in the future!