Past Fragments Event
Published On: August 22, 2023
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Past Fragments Event – Summon Rush!


Plarium has announced a special Past Fragments Event, where we will be able to earn old Fragment Summons via a Summon Rush Event!

This is tied in with the Ultimate Deathknight Birthday Event, so there will undoubtedly be Birthday Coins also available in this mid-week summon event, which currently doesn’t have a special 10x/anything tied to it, aside from the currently active Prism Shard Summons for Hydra Specialists.

We will keep you posted if a Summon Event does get announced alongside this as soon as we find out!

Plarium Announcement:

For a short time only, from 08:00 UTC, Wednesday, August 23, to 08:00 UTC, Friday, August 25, we’ll be running a special Summon Rush Event where you will be able to earn Fragments of one Champion from a past Fragment Event.

Here’s the list:

You will be able to earn Champion Fragments for one of those Champions if you already own between 75 and 95 Fragments. If you own between 75 and 95 Fragments for more than one of these Champions, you will only receive Fragments for one Champion. If you do not own between 75 and 95 Fragments for any of the Champions mentioned above, you’ll receive other powerful rewards instead.

Good luck, and happy summoning!

Is this Event Good?

Too frequently in Raid Shadow Legends, players all over are caught out on a Fusion Event, and end up missing out by a small margin, with no way to finish the Fusion outside of buying the additional Fragments for absurd prices, which is never something you want to do – especially if you are a Free to Play player who has narrowly missed out on a Fusion!

Well, Events like this VERY rarely roll around, and they provide an opportunity to pick up the remaining Fragments for one of those desirable Champions that you missed your chance to get.

This time around, they’ve included some incredibly valuable Champions, for example – Pythion, if you missed out on him by less than 25 Fragments, it would’ve hurt – but now is your chance to correct that and claim your Legendary Champion once and for all!

Of course, if you don’t NEED the Fragments, you’ll be picking up different rewards which we cannot comment on yet, but with the event being involved in the Ultimate Deathknight Birthday Events, there’s a good chance that there will be a large chunk of coins available that you may not want to miss out on!


Will you be going for the Past Fragments Event? Let us know in the comments (along with which Fragments you’re gunning for!) 

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9 months ago

I’m very much looking forward to pulling a total of 0 shards this event. It’s great that they improved the champion pool… but not having any way to get the prism shards (other than spending) is a huge step backwards.

80 shards needed and a paltry 20 to be earned as a TOP tier reward from a pitiful few events is just a joke. I realise that Raid is in “profit mode” but profits can’t be earned if nobody wants to play your game anymore.