Published On: February 6, 2024
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Raid Shadow Legends Fragment Exchange System


In Patch 8.20, Raid Shadow Legends introduced a new feature into the game that will allow unspent champion fragments to be exchanged into fragment exchange tokens used to barter for a Fragment Chest. For many long-term players of Raid Shadow Legends, this feature is long-awaited, especially as it has now been confirmed that there will not be events in the future for additional fragments for previous fusion champions.

The introduction of the “Fragment Exchange” system promises to breathe new life into the unused Champion Fragments that players have accumulated over the past few years and give newer players a way to spend fragments for fusion events that they do not complete in the future.

The Fragment Exchange Chest contains a variety of valuable resources ranging from Potions, Brews and Books to including fragments for a brand new Legendary Champion, Highmother Maud, who is exclusively available through the champion fragment system.

Exchanging Fragments in Raid Shadow Legends


The conversion rate is quite straightforward: one point is awarded for each legendary fragment and one point for every five epic fragments.

Fragments Exchange Points
1x Legendary Fragments 1x Exchange Point
5x Epic Fragments 1x Exchange Point

The system strikes a fair balance between remaining epic and legendary fragments considering the cost of resources to acquire these fragments. However, not every fragment can be exchanged. Compatible fragments will be marked with a unique icon that qualifies them as available from the exchange. We’ve not yet received a comprehensive list of fragments that will not be eligible but we currently expect the following to be unavailable for exchange:

  1. Doom Tower Exclusive Champion Fragments
  2. Mithrala Lifebane Fragments
  3. Crohnam Fragments
  4. Highmother Maud Fragments
  5. Quintus the Triumphant Fragments
  6. Djamarsa Fragments
  7. Daily Login Champion Fragments (such as Arix)
  8. Searsha the Charred Fragments

We expect any exclusive non-summonable fragment champion to also join this list however it does appear that past and future fragment fusion fragments will be exchangable.

Exchange Points Chests
5x Exchange Points 1x Loot Chest

How the Exchange System will work…

Each player is limited to opening up to 10 chests per week, with this limit resetting every Monday. The chests can be opened individually or all at once, in a manner like Shard pulls or Forge Crafting in the game.

The rewards from these chests are varied, with one of the most notable being fragments for Highmother Maud, a brand-new legendary Champion exclusive to this exchange system.

Highmother Maud cannot be summoned through traditional Shards, making her fragments a highly sought-after prize for new and veteran players alike. For more information on Highmother Maud then check out our full champion guide here:

highmother maud skills featured article splash

We are unsure of the exact drop rates on these chests, however, based on the information available, our team think that this will take around 3-6 months to complete the requirements to obtain Highmother Maud assuming a healthy pre-existing backlog of exchangeable fragments. This is mainly due to the lockout of 10 chests per week, rather than the requirement of fragments as many players that have been playing for some time will have a ready stockpile of these waiting to go.

Other potential rewards include XP brews, chickens, greater potions, and skill tomes. The diversity of rewards ensures that every player, regardless of their current roster or game progress, can find value in participating in the fragment exchange, especially as Plarium has confirmed that there will not be events in the future to obtain missing fragments, there is very little reason to hang on to the ones you have stockpiled thus far.

Fragment Exchange System Summary


This new fragment exchange system provides players, especially those who may not complete every fragment event, with a rewarding way to utilize these fragments. It is especially useful for players who end up collecting a handful of fragments for fusions they chose to skip or were unable to complete, granting bonus rewards for a currency currently having no value.

However, some players have expressed a desire for a different approach to the system – the option to exchange fragments into a universal fragment to use on past fragment champions. We would also prefer a system to complete the final fragments for a previous fusion or a method of re-acquiring past fusion and this system does not really address this. With this new system, we believe that we will not see an option for this in the future but at least this system is a step in a direction to address the issue of wasted fragments remaining in our portals.

The true measure of this system will be in how easily we can acquire the new Legendary exclusive champion, Highmother Maud and also the quantity and value of other rewards in the chest.

Will this new exchange system be a success? Is it something you are looking forward to? Let us know by commenting below!

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